Wednesday, January 07, 2009


There are times when you just don't talk for no apparent reason. It's hard for me to gauge why it's been ages since I last spoke to my sister. Of course we have exchanged words every now and then, but there was something missing unlike the conversations we used to have in the middle of the night not too long ago. Perhaps it's our differing schedules, her insane thesis that leaves her mood something I'd like to move far away from, her full time job and part time job, my full time job that seems to take more of my time than I'd like to imagine, both of our get healthy plans, my battle with insomnia, or our addiction to our respective mp3 players which played a part in this. I don't know really.

It was her birthday yesterday, and after that long long time, I actually sat down and spoke to her for a good 30 minutes (using the coffee stained phone, which by the way is still specked with coffee dust that refuses to budge) about things in general from how the Gilmore Girls episode later that night must be watched, and how one of her friends got laid off as she was the last person who joined the company to the weird little silences in our conversation that made us believe that an angel passed above us at that same moment. But most of all we laughed.

I got a bit excited seeing her updated status on facebook earlier this evening. She said something like "G is goin' home in 7 minutes", because I thought her goin' home meant her actually goin' home, I was all happy, and when I finally reached home about 3 hours later, she was nowhere to be seen. I can hardly express how disappointed I was at this. At this point, for no apparent reason I'm actually missing her.


  1. I have that sort of relationship with my older sister - soemtimes very close and we tlak alot, interspersed with long times of little communication.

  2. I guess that's what happens when we start leading our own lives. But sibling talk is nice.

  3. Aw, that was both beautiful and tearful. Life is delicate in so many ways and we don't realise just how much it is until we feel the things we're missing the most ;)

  4. Although it is very embarrassing to admit this, I did feel like crying at that point.

    And you're right, life is delicate, and sometimes a bit too much that I wish it weren't so... :)

  5. That was beautiful. I always wish I had a sister.I had all of one female cousin who I was close to. We drifted apart after she moved to London and had a baby.


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