Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The "now it's there and now it's not there" feminist in me (although admittedly I've never ever even burnt a bra before, and most likely never will) was torn about putting this up. Nevertheless, it contributed to a series of laughter amidst a series of multitasking including the process of aging a lifetime while waiting for version 8.0.2 of iTunes to download.

Here's to more laughter in this world... :D

Edit: Clicking on the pictures for a better view is highly recommended :)


  1. It's ok if it's just for laughs.
    And then women should not be sexist either. :p

  2. Ian: Yeah, they are... :)

    Julia: I agree. But honestly, I've only noticed more female bashing material out there compared to male bashing material. :)

    Orhan: Um... that was part of the grand plan ;)

  3. Except for the thank god you're a man bit, they seem pretty on target. (I'm actually thankful I'm not a man!)

  4. This is what forwarded e-mails should contain, not curses...

    Kartik, I think it's classic too. The kind they should put up in bars.

    Citizen, It was most probably made by a man. I would love to see one made by a woman!

  5. I laughed at this yesterday.... and then I commented about how I heard a joke song called "if I were a girl" in contrast to Beyonce's "if I were a boy", but my comment got eaten by the hungry, hungry internet and now I can't remember any of the funny lines in the sone :(

  6. Ah, the evil internet that ate your comment! I'm sure the parody would have been hilarious!