Saturday, June 23, 2007


Time for some fun stuff....

Gem, from Gem-osophy whose blog is one of my favourite haunts, received this amazing pink button from another blogger. Now, for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to check out her blog, please do so. She's has the amazing ability to put a smile on your face (or spill your coffee on the keyboard in laughter) via her posts.

In the true spirit of blogging, all good things must be passed around, and Gem had kindly mentioned my blog among those that rock... :)

Here's what she said:
Terra Shield of Terra's Secret Backup Blog, who has shown us so many facets of herself over the past year--Terra the A-List Reader, the Intellectual, the Working Girl, the Writer, the Fragile Twenty-Something with a heart so big and wide open that we can feel it breaking along with her at times.

Sweet, yeah? So here are the five chicks I'm passing along this awesomely hot pink button to in no particular order. Hope it matches your blogs :D
1. Aunty Helpful Dictator from Aunty Helpful Dictator Strikes Back. Aunty is a twenty something from Ireland who blogs about most things from vacations and crazy stuff at work as well as the recent elections. Ever wondered what the count from Sesame Street has in connection with the elections? That's why she rocks and this is where the scoop is :)
2. Sabila aka The Nerd from Revenge of The Nerd. Our nerd hails from NJ, and blogs about her life which can be rather exciting at times. She shares her taste in music and most of her readers know about that pain in the hip. She makes all the drama that happens around her into something that will entertain you for hours
3. Pugly from Pretty Ugly. Now, Pugly is a fellow Malaysian blogger who happens to be one of the very first few blogs I read about more than a year ago. She takes issues and blogs about them in ways that keep you interested and looking forward to more.
4. Maryam from Maryam in Marrakesh. Maryam is a cool chick currently living in Morocco. Her layout is gorgeous and her blogging style is absolutely mesmerising. Her posts sometimes make me want to just get away and head to Marakesh for a really long vacation!
5. The Thinker form Theory of Thought. The thinker's blog has the ability to make you think about things all over again. She blogs about school life, her favourite music, and how gory removing the wisdom teeth can be.
And yes... the awesomely hot pink badge needs to be passed around :) I kid you not

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Well, sort of, I guess…

On the 3rd floor of the *longest shopping mall, a myriad of stalls stood side by side piled on with items that ranged from clothes to food to wall hangings. Throngs of people walked through the narrow aisles, eyes feasting upon the colours that greeted them in a wave of friendliness. The stall owners stood or sat at their stalls, waiting for the folks to drop by. That was the Global Indian Shopping Festival which was held for the past two weeks.

After missing out on the festival in 2006 for reasons that were soon forgotten, we made it a point to go this year. The idea of being able to find stuff that you don’t usually get in the Malaysian shops sounded enticing enough to brave the crowds that were sure to be there as it was the weekend as well as the second last day of the festival.

It was pretty interesting as far as interesting things go. There were lots of clothes although the particular type of clothing I had in mind was nowhere to be seen. However, they had plenty of bags on display. A ‘this is THE BAG’ moment was somehow turned into an ‘oh bummer! The zipper’s gone and this is the last bag’ moment. So in the end, it was ‘hey, another nice bag… I’ll get that’. Thanks to the hermana who patiently followed me around as I was looking for THE BAG. The wooden carvings were magnificent… I was particularly interested in a horseless (or bullockless) carriage (cart) but with no practical use for it, I tossed the idea aside (regretting it now)… And then there was that big bangle with little suns on it. Nice!

I also met two old friends whom I haven’t seen since 2002 (where has all the time gone?) where we chatted for a bit, caught up with 5 lost years in a few minutes. Hehehe small world, eh?

Most of the so called foodstalls sold sweets like palkuar (sp?) and the likes… it would have been so much better if the traders sold food from all the different regions of India like those shown on the travel channel.

Well, there are a few things that I learnt from that rainy Saturday… which may or may not serve as fodder for future blog posts
a) Wall hangings are amazing
b) Heels make you suffer for at least three days :(
c) My funny bone is beyond repair

d) Green and orange do look nice together

* It was, but not sure if it still is :D

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Disclaimer: I quit studying art by the time I was 16 mostly due to the fact that I disliked the C's that stared at my face each time I got back my report card from my form teacher.

A long time ago, just before my mini break, The Frolicsome Kid tagged me with this meme. Here's what you're supposed to do if you choose to do this tag.

Go to and use your mouse to create a design (usually beyond your control) When you're happy with what you've got. Print screen and edit it using any art programs. Which in my case, I just used Paint.
Kinda looks like a rabbit doesn't it?

I'm not tagging anyone for this meme, but feel free to let your artistic tendecies flow if you wish :)

Friday, June 08, 2007


This post goes out to the mad man on the motorbike.

Right. So there I was on my way back yesterday. The road was sort of not crowded along the stretch I was on (thank goodness for school holidays!) and I was sitting back and enjoying the colourful hues of the sky against the almost setting sun while driving.

My reverie was interrupted by a motorbike that chose to move around in what most people would call a dangerous manner... weaving in and out in front of the few cars around me. The rider moved precariously close and kept at an annoying pace in front of my car right in the middle of the road.

Next thing i know, he moves his skinny backside to one side, digs into a bag/pocket or something like that, turns behind and throws something. I imagined a hand grenade flying through the air and blasting off there and then. I don't want to die now. Not this way, anyway...

Well, before I get blamed for having a ridiculously wild imagination, I must explain that this person was wearing a t-shirt from a company had dreams to be our suppliers but was turned down due to some non-conformances. What if the sticker we are forced to display revealed that the driver of the car (me) was working for that company and mad man on the bike wanted some revenge? See...

Funnily enough, turns out that the mad man had not thrown a hand grenade (though it did look like one)... instead, the thing that lay on the road in front of me was the remains of a rambutan skin. What the...?


Why would anyone risk their lives to open a rambutan, eat it and throw the skin on the road all while riding a bike? Isn't it dangerous? And aren't you on your way home where you can eat it safely and be assured that you don't get banged down by some gargantuan trailer (the road became busier after the bend)?
What's the hurry?
PS: For non-Malaysians/South East Asians, a rambutan is a local fruit with hairy skin and a white interior somewhat like a lychee.

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