Friday, June 08, 2007


This post goes out to the mad man on the motorbike.

Right. So there I was on my way back yesterday. The road was sort of not crowded along the stretch I was on (thank goodness for school holidays!) and I was sitting back and enjoying the colourful hues of the sky against the almost setting sun while driving.

My reverie was interrupted by a motorbike that chose to move around in what most people would call a dangerous manner... weaving in and out in front of the few cars around me. The rider moved precariously close and kept at an annoying pace in front of my car right in the middle of the road.

Next thing i know, he moves his skinny backside to one side, digs into a bag/pocket or something like that, turns behind and throws something. I imagined a hand grenade flying through the air and blasting off there and then. I don't want to die now. Not this way, anyway...

Well, before I get blamed for having a ridiculously wild imagination, I must explain that this person was wearing a t-shirt from a company had dreams to be our suppliers but was turned down due to some non-conformances. What if the sticker we are forced to display revealed that the driver of the car (me) was working for that company and mad man on the bike wanted some revenge? See...

Funnily enough, turns out that the mad man had not thrown a hand grenade (though it did look like one)... instead, the thing that lay on the road in front of me was the remains of a rambutan skin. What the...?


Why would anyone risk their lives to open a rambutan, eat it and throw the skin on the road all while riding a bike? Isn't it dangerous? And aren't you on your way home where you can eat it safely and be assured that you don't get banged down by some gargantuan trailer (the road became busier after the bend)?
What's the hurry?
PS: For non-Malaysians/South East Asians, a rambutan is a local fruit with hairy skin and a white interior somewhat like a lychee.


  1. I thought I have seen worse road etiquettes. This one tops what I have seen, and I am just only a passenger.

    I cannot believe he was eating a rambutan while driving. And throwing the skin away on the road just like that! =O

    That is really dangerous. I can imagine the accident he might have caused if he was too distracted with his eating.

    Another road peeve is to see a car simply overtaking cars and switching lanes, driving dangerously.

    I'm so scared to obtain my driving license when I grow up. Lol!

    You know, my mom told me many a times that besides being a careful driver, we have to watch out for careless drivers. It makes so much sense!

    Oh well... it's a wonder of South East Asia after all! =P

  2. I'm glad you weren't in an accident. But I think I can understand that biker just a little bit. Rambutan is just oh so good, maybe he couldn't wait to get home to eat it. :-D

  3. Haha.. people are weird! That's all I can say.

    I totally forgot about my peace globe. Do you think I can still put it on?

  4. Prometheus was introduced to the Rambutan in Dubai. Must say it may possess the ability to drive people insane enough to risk their lives to eat it.

  5. What a dunce!

    Princess Shin: Of course you can still put up your Peace Globe! Please do!

  6. the silli-ness of having too many bikers around... at least there wasnt any mishap... it could have been ugly-er...

  7. thefrolicsomekid: I don't blame ya for being scared of the roads and the drivers/bikers that use them. But you'll get used to it... however eating on a bike is something new :D

    lizza:lol! maybe he didn't want to share it with his family!

    princess: I agree... Anyway, I guess its never too late to put up your peace globe... the more the merrier!

  8. prometheus: the rambutans have landed in Dubai? Hmmm... very interesting... Well, I suppose you do have a good point there :)

    travis: it's a good thing no accidents occured due to the biker... but he's still a dunce. A hungry one :)

    zewt: yeah... thank goodness nothing bad happened. ANd hopefully those skins get biodegraded ASAP :)

  9. The most insane thing I ever saw someone doing when operating a moving vehicle was a guy cycling a bike (of the non-motorised kind) having a conversation on his mobile phone (held with one hand) and holding an umbrella (with the other hand).. but at least he wasn't in possession of an engine!

    Like the frolicsome kid I'm afraid to learn to drive!!

  10. and I thought driving in Miami was bad...


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