Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Disclaimer: I quit studying art by the time I was 16 mostly due to the fact that I disliked the C's that stared at my face each time I got back my report card from my form teacher.

A long time ago, just before my mini break, The Frolicsome Kid tagged me with this meme. Here's what you're supposed to do if you choose to do this tag.

Go to JacksonPolloc.org and use your mouse to create a design (usually beyond your control) When you're happy with what you've got. Print screen and edit it using any art programs. Which in my case, I just used Paint.
Kinda looks like a rabbit doesn't it?

I'm not tagging anyone for this meme, but feel free to let your artistic tendecies flow if you wish :)


  1. Now that you mention it, it does have a rabbitesque quality.

  2. That site...grrr...it is impossible!!!


    Nice rabbit...I think i managed to get something that looked vaguely like a paint splot...but I cant be sure.


  3. It looks like an angry dashing rabbit, Terra. :-)

  4. That is awesome.

    It does actually look like a rabbit, the head and paw, anyways.

  5. travis: yeah... :)

    silversabre: grrr is what i felt initially too... may esc and print screens later, I got this :D

    susan: I hope not... I''m quite apprehensive about rabbits after reading a morbid tale of rabbits a long time ago :)

    orhan: I think so too :)

  6. Hey, I love the rabbit! =D Very nice; definitely better than mine which was done randomly. Lol! =P

    Lol! I immediately dropped art after Primary 6 when I was about 13. I'm so glad it was no longer compulsory in secondary school! =D


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