Wednesday, February 28, 2007


*TSBB = The Secret Backup Blog

Twas exactly a year ago that I was created by Terra, on a sudden whim when she decided that she wanted to blog where no one knew her personally so that she could write about everything under the sun (or above it) that bothered her. Of course she wasn't known as Terra, back then, the silly anonymous wannabe girl used her real name... Ha! Ha!

(Terra nudges me to add that she will not be insulted by a blog)

Now, I'm insulted... anyway, as I was saying... since it's my birthday and all, Terra has kindly allowed me to say a word or two... but I feel that I deserve a whole post. Don't you think so?

I remember my first template... it was that brownish coloured thing with the fancy font (TNR)... but Terra had a strange preference for the Arial font, and she meticulously changed the font to Arial whenever she remembered. (Which was not often, by the way... and she will have to go back and republish! Ha! Ha!)

And then all of a sudden, she changed it to the blue one I'm currently in. I was a lonely blog at first... only a visitor or two at times and the occasional next blog random viewer who didn't give a damn. But Terra blogged on gleefully, and took in all her stories happily. Clearly I had nothing to lose.

All of a sudden, one day, I found myself being hit by more than the occasional two hits a day. Apparently, Terra had me networked... now I had people actually visiting. Too bad I wasn't prettier :(

(Terra adds in here, that sooner or later she will try some HTML... hmmm.... she says she doesn't have the time and asks if I want myself disfigured!)

Well, seeing that it's my birthday and all, the only gift I got from Terra is a post at 12 am on my birthday on a weekday. She says it's because she can't sleep... but I'd like to think it's because she loves me :D... I just realised that both Terra and I are Pisceans... maybe that's why we get along famously.

Anyway, on behalf of Terra, I would like to thank all the kind people who have dropped by and read and commented on the posts. It means a lot to the both of us.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yours sincerely,

Monday, February 26, 2007


The migraine is here again,
It's presence like Norman Bates,
Though there is nothing to gain,
It attacks, it paralyses it suffocates.

Why can't it leave me alone,
And give me the peace I need,
It hurts right to the bone,
On the left side of my head.

I've posted this before a long time ago, but... It's awfully weird how the worst things in life become your muse :D

Saturday, February 24, 2007


A few days back, Gem from Gem-osophy posted a personality type challenge on her blog encouraging fellow bloggers and readers alike to check out their personality types. Although I missed the fun while it was still hot, I figured that it isn'ttoolate to join in the fun!

You Are An INFP

The Idealist

You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in
your important relationships.
It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow
and develop.

You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.

On the other hand, I found this shoe meme off at EDog's Everything Page and was excited at the prospect of shoes that have been beaten to a pulp! Sadly, I am not the proud owner of any proper shoes that have been through all sorts of adventures with me, so I chose this pair instead. An old pair of flip flops that died on me about 2 weeks ago!

Please ignore the date on the photo.

I've had this pair of flip flops for at least two years. At first they were only meant for walking from the house to the bread seller, to pick up the post from outside the house and it's other home was in the car as I used to prefer driving barefoot, and the flip flops served as footwear from the car to wherever else I had to step out paying for parking, etc.

But then I started going everywhere with the flip flops due to the comfortability it provided despite the weather which contributed to the ugly brown stains near the toes. All that walking around caused strain on the poor flip flops (it's original purpose I assume would be for beach combers walking under the sun!) that they finally gave way the other day.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


If self professed bloggers become a tad bit too lazy to blog, then what do you call them?

It is most unfortunate (for me, at least) to be self diagnosed with laziness to blog which stemmed from the recent long weekend, although I don't suppose the long weekend had anything to do with it. Nevertheless, ideas have been bouncing back and forth... but I just didn't listen to my blogging instincts and stayed put watching reruns of Friends, listening to my good old mp3 player, tried to think of something for the radio play and reading. And for the first time, I did not feel that squirmy 'oh, I'm so bloody uncomfortable' feeling that I have felt a countless number of times when I have been denied blogging opportunities.

Anyway, I suddenly had the urge to blog again today... I suppose I missed the feel of the keyboard when I knew exactly what I was gonna type. It differs from the type, pause to read the ugly handwriting and then type again mode I employ when I type out reports.

Now that I've started the ball rolling, it's time to go get back all those ideas that are dancing around in my mind. I kept this post short as I didn't want to get bloggers shock!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Tomorrow being Valentine's Day, I'm naturally inclined to pick up a story from the most interesting period of most our lives... the scholarly years.

This is the story of Valentine's Day 1999.

13 February 1999.
Dinner time.

My roomate and I were having dinner with a few friends where one of them was wooing her in a very old fashioned way. My roomate (with my help) hinted quite loudly that there were no activities planned for the next day, except a movie trip with Preeto and her sister, which was not what anyone really wanted to do, but nobody wanted to be indoors all day either.

Apparently, no amount of hinting could penetrate the guy's head, and we finished our dinner... as we were headed back to our respective destinations, I (ever teh busybody) turned around and asked... "Hey, aren't you gonna ask her out?"

He looked as though someone had kicked him on the shin with a pair of spiked shoes. But he kept quiet.

As we turned, I heard one of his friend's say "Man, you blew it!" and another said something else.

My roomate and I looked at each other. She mentioned about giving up on him because he just didn't know how to woo her.

February 14 1999.

I tried convincing my roomate that he'd be out the window that day and ask her out (we had no other means of communicating - no handphones, no internal internet access, etc)

Unfortunately, till the time Preeto and her sister arrived to pick us up for the movie, there was no sign of him.

We watched "You've got mail!" and preeto had an argument with a couple who were snogging at 'our' seats... Lots of drama, I tell ya. Most of the day's activities involved bowling and watching wistfully as couples walked hand in hand around us!

We had dinner and then it was time to head back. The roomate and I took the bus as preeto and her sister had somewhere else to head to, and there was no other way. As the bus entered our residential college, we noticed 3 familiar figures on a motorbike. I grabbed my roomate's arm and pointed them out to her.

We both muttered 'oh my god' and got down to say hi. The friends dropped off the guy, and I made a polite exit so the both of them could talk.

And talk they did, for a long time... when my roomate came back, she said..."we're celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow, you're joining us with some others!"

So that's how 1999 had 2 Valentine's Days.

Friday, February 09, 2007



I feel quite vulnerable even at the very thought of putting my heart on my sleeve, but I have to say it out aloud. Otherwise, it'll remain embedded inside of me, conquering my heart and head, and causing lots of unwanted trouble. I am sad. Incredibly sad...

No, I didn't lose a loved one, nor did my pet goldfish die (I don't have a pet goldfish, but maybe I should get one!) It's just that I've been feeling down lately and lost most of my enthusiasm to do anything at all.

Every morning, I just wish the time would pass by as quickly as possible and hope that the evening will be better (end of working hours!) The other day, I actually tried doing something new... I went out for dinner with some of the colleagues whom I do not habitually hang out with just for the sake of trying something new. It was quite fun, but when it was all over and done with, I found myself being down again.

And then, every Sunday night, I wait for the week to fly by quickly and anticipate Friday night to drop by as quickly as possible.

It is said that the Earth looks blue from outer space. The world is a sad place :(

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ahem... I'ts almost a week past the actual results, and almost a month to go before we celebrate International Women's Day, but I feel the urge to highlight that 2 women won the Amazing Race Asian Edition!

It's the first in the Amazing Race history, and it's pretty cool, because everyone at work thought that the extremely competitive (kiasu) team would've won!

Yay for women!!!!

PS: Something happened as I was trying to log on to blogger. I was forced to sign up for a google account and now I'm a new blogger (albeit reluctantly so!). So much for staying away from the new blogger which was once known as beta.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


A lie is a lie, no matter what.

A long time ago in my formative years, when my parents were trying to instill good habits in me, I remember my dad telling me that when you lie, you have to cover up that lie with at least 20 other lies.

Not too hard for a person who has ideas popping by and knocking on the doors of her brain begging to be expanded, innit?

There are certain situations where telling lies is necessary, like when I was doing my one month notice period at my older job, I had to go for another cooler interview, but because I didn't want to jinx it, I told those at work that I had to go to the clinic because of a bad migraine. (It was partially true, though... I went for the interview with a bad migraine)

For those of you who read this and may have been at the receiving end of my countless complaints of O factor's leave policies, I'm sure you are aware of tough conditions and numerous burnt leave balances.

However, somewhere in April, I told a white lie to O factor when I was going to Bali. Had I told him the truth, This might have been the response.

O factor: Malaysian people, always happy happy! Bye bye, I go holiday... (this would have been followed with a strut and a wave of the hand, something similar to what pageant contestants do)

So, I told him I was going to country Y because of prayers. (Religious reasons are usually accepted without much ado... but there have been cases)

O factor: Your family is there?
Me: (Oh shit!) Yes, some...
O factor: Inform other PEs what to do when you are not here. Take care neh..
Me: OK (Phew! That was easy)

See, the problem is, country Y and I have nothing to do with each other. My ancestors came from country X (so I've been told), but I couldn't use country X's name because O factor was there for 3 years. What if he asked me to get him something from there?

In the end, I went to Bali and came back rejuvenated, refreshed and deliriously happy. No one asked any questions.

The other day however (about 2 months ago), I had to help O factor on a small project. We were busy scrubbing the stirrer which was extremely dirty and he was attempting small talk.

O factor: Anusha-san, next year you going to country Y again for prayers ka?
Me : (Que?) Maybe no, O-san.
O factor: My friend visit country Y to see elephant, very dangerous place, neh..
Me : Yah, very dangerous (Oh, my goodness!)
O factor: Your family there Ok, ka? People always shooting
Me : Yes... (Why, oh why?)
O factor: Who staying there?
Me : My mother's aunty and uncle.
O factor: Mother's family ka? Wakarimashita (I see)

Just my luck! O factor's got the memory of an elephant!

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