Thursday, February 22, 2007


If self professed bloggers become a tad bit too lazy to blog, then what do you call them?

It is most unfortunate (for me, at least) to be self diagnosed with laziness to blog which stemmed from the recent long weekend, although I don't suppose the long weekend had anything to do with it. Nevertheless, ideas have been bouncing back and forth... but I just didn't listen to my blogging instincts and stayed put watching reruns of Friends, listening to my good old mp3 player, tried to think of something for the radio play and reading. And for the first time, I did not feel that squirmy 'oh, I'm so bloody uncomfortable' feeling that I have felt a countless number of times when I have been denied blogging opportunities.

Anyway, I suddenly had the urge to blog again today... I suppose I missed the feel of the keyboard when I knew exactly what I was gonna type. It differs from the type, pause to read the ugly handwriting and then type again mode I employ when I type out reports.

Now that I've started the ball rolling, it's time to go get back all those ideas that are dancing around in my mind. I kept this post short as I didn't want to get bloggers shock!


  1. you are not the only one lazy blogging:) there are many out there..such as ME..lolz..
    thanks for linking me too..

  2. Welcome back! Taking a break from blogging every now and then is good.

  3. vivek: (grins) the society of lazy bloggers...

    lizza: thanks. Yeah, it sure did feel good at the time... :)

  4. Awwww - welcome back. Blogging should be fun. When it feels like a chore, then it's time to take a drive or read a book or listen to music or any one of thousands of other distractions.


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