Monday, February 26, 2007


The migraine is here again,
It's presence like Norman Bates,
Though there is nothing to gain,
It attacks, it paralyses it suffocates.

Why can't it leave me alone,
And give me the peace I need,
It hurts right to the bone,
On the left side of my head.

I've posted this before a long time ago, but... It's awfully weird how the worst things in life become your muse :D


  1. I used to have migraines before but no longer.
    They were stress-related. Each time, it stayed roundabout a week.

    Do you have plans to write Terra? Or are you writing anything now? All the best. :-)

  2. Migraines are a pain... been having them forabout 10 years at least.

    Thanks for your wishes... I'm actually trying that short story thing by silverfish. Kind of stuck at 500 words now :D

  3. Good luck Terra!
    You write well.
    Go for the stars! :-)

  4. Try Ea's advice to his son Marduk, in regard to headache. Its an incantation. You can find it on the Internet somewhere. It seems to work.

    Also, I find that left-side headaches are caused by the presence of evil.

    You can see I'm very helpful :)

    Jack W. Orf

  5. I get about 4 per year. Very effective poem.

  6. susan: thanks :D

    jack: :D that's rather interesting, although the presence of evil sounds disturbing...

    travis: torturous things, aren't they? Thanks :D

  7. Looking at more rational causes of headache:

    1. Check that your chair and computer are ergonomic. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, that can be a big factor. Officially, you're supposed to be looking down at your computer screen at a 10 degree angle. That follows the natural curvature of the spine.

    Also, watch out for glare on your screen.

    2. Have you had your eyes checked recently? If you need glasses, or you have the wrong prescription, that can cause headache.

    3. Some ergonomic authorities also recommend resting your eyes, and your brain, for 5 or 10 minutes every hour. That's especially true if you do work on your computer that is very intense.

    If you get a headache, try just staring out the window, or at a tree or something, and don't think about anything for a few minutes (if you can do that and not get fired...).

    Or try just walking around for 5 or 10 minutes when you get a headache.

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