Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ahem... I'ts almost a week past the actual results, and almost a month to go before we celebrate International Women's Day, but I feel the urge to highlight that 2 women won the Amazing Race Asian Edition!

It's the first in the Amazing Race history, and it's pretty cool, because everyone at work thought that the extremely competitive (kiasu) team would've won!

Yay for women!!!!

PS: Something happened as I was trying to log on to blogger. I was forced to sign up for a google account and now I'm a new blogger (albeit reluctantly so!). So much for staying away from the new blogger which was once known as beta.


  1. Thats fantastic. Inspirational!

  2. It's the insidious and ubiquitous "they" at it again!! "They" can't leave well enough alone. "They" require us all to blog in new blogger.

    Madness and insanity I say!

  3. maryam: you bet! :D

    travis: yeah, it is indeed 'they' vs 'us'. SOunds like a courtcase, huh?:)

    irene: woohoo!!! yeah :D


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