Saturday, February 03, 2007


A lie is a lie, no matter what.

A long time ago in my formative years, when my parents were trying to instill good habits in me, I remember my dad telling me that when you lie, you have to cover up that lie with at least 20 other lies.

Not too hard for a person who has ideas popping by and knocking on the doors of her brain begging to be expanded, innit?

There are certain situations where telling lies is necessary, like when I was doing my one month notice period at my older job, I had to go for another cooler interview, but because I didn't want to jinx it, I told those at work that I had to go to the clinic because of a bad migraine. (It was partially true, though... I went for the interview with a bad migraine)

For those of you who read this and may have been at the receiving end of my countless complaints of O factor's leave policies, I'm sure you are aware of tough conditions and numerous burnt leave balances.

However, somewhere in April, I told a white lie to O factor when I was going to Bali. Had I told him the truth, This might have been the response.

O factor: Malaysian people, always happy happy! Bye bye, I go holiday... (this would have been followed with a strut and a wave of the hand, something similar to what pageant contestants do)

So, I told him I was going to country Y because of prayers. (Religious reasons are usually accepted without much ado... but there have been cases)

O factor: Your family is there?
Me: (Oh shit!) Yes, some...
O factor: Inform other PEs what to do when you are not here. Take care neh..
Me: OK (Phew! That was easy)

See, the problem is, country Y and I have nothing to do with each other. My ancestors came from country X (so I've been told), but I couldn't use country X's name because O factor was there for 3 years. What if he asked me to get him something from there?

In the end, I went to Bali and came back rejuvenated, refreshed and deliriously happy. No one asked any questions.

The other day however (about 2 months ago), I had to help O factor on a small project. We were busy scrubbing the stirrer which was extremely dirty and he was attempting small talk.

O factor: Anusha-san, next year you going to country Y again for prayers ka?
Me : (Que?) Maybe no, O-san.
O factor: My friend visit country Y to see elephant, very dangerous place, neh..
Me : Yah, very dangerous (Oh, my goodness!)
O factor: Your family there Ok, ka? People always shooting
Me : Yes... (Why, oh why?)
O factor: Who staying there?
Me : My mother's aunty and uncle.
O factor: Mother's family ka? Wakarimashita (I see)

Just my luck! O factor's got the memory of an elephant!


  1. Yeah, I can never tell lies to people with good memories (i.e. my parents). Sooner or later, they end up coming right back to me.

  2. Oh eek. So the interview didn't pan out then?:-(

  3. thinker: believe me, I wanted to tell the truth, but I didn't need bad vibes right before I went for the holiday :)

    maryam: hehehe... the interview went fine,I got the job in fact...which is the place where this recent incident happened :D

  4. Grreat post. Almost everyone can relate to it. I've told loads of white lies in my two decades of existence.

  5. julia: thanks... yeah, white lies, can't live without 'em!

  6. When there is a need to tell lies, I will do it even though I don't feel good after I have done it. And most of the time, I fess up my lie and tell the truth.

    In other words, I suck at lying! =P

    But if it's really serious, and the situation is pressing me to lie, I will lie and I can do it so well it actually sounded like the truth! =O Oh the irony! =P


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