Saturday, February 24, 2007


A few days back, Gem from Gem-osophy posted a personality type challenge on her blog encouraging fellow bloggers and readers alike to check out their personality types. Although I missed the fun while it was still hot, I figured that it isn'ttoolate to join in the fun!

You Are An INFP

The Idealist

You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in
your important relationships.
It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow
and develop.

You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.

On the other hand, I found this shoe meme off at EDog's Everything Page and was excited at the prospect of shoes that have been beaten to a pulp! Sadly, I am not the proud owner of any proper shoes that have been through all sorts of adventures with me, so I chose this pair instead. An old pair of flip flops that died on me about 2 weeks ago!

Please ignore the date on the photo.

I've had this pair of flip flops for at least two years. At first they were only meant for walking from the house to the bread seller, to pick up the post from outside the house and it's other home was in the car as I used to prefer driving barefoot, and the flip flops served as footwear from the car to wherever else I had to step out paying for parking, etc.

But then I started going everywhere with the flip flops due to the comfortability it provided despite the weather which contributed to the ugly brown stains near the toes. All that walking around caused strain on the poor flip flops (it's original purpose I assume would be for beach combers walking under the sun!) that they finally gave way the other day.


  1. Hey, fellow INFP!

    Nice flipflop story. May they rest in peace after taking so much abuse from you. :-)

    Happy weekend!

  2. Terra, Sorry the fun was fleeting. It had more to do with me becoming violently ill in hurry on Weds. night. I got socked with the flu and didn't touch my blog for two days. So, I added you now, and I think it sounds about right that you and Lizza are the same type...and only a letter away from Ian and me.

  3. Did you think it was accurate?

    Mine was and ENTP:
    The Visionary

    You are charming, outgoing, friendly. You make a good first impression.
    You possess good negotiating skills and can convince anyone of anything.
    Happy to be the center of attention, you love to tell stories and show off.
    You're very clever, but not disciplined enough to do well in structured environments.

    You would make a great entrpreneur, marketing executive, or actor.

  4. ian: Sadly it looks hideous (not to mention gross) now... but it was comfortable :D

    lizza: I hope so too, fellow INFP

    gem: Thanks for promoting this quiz... the questions were fun to answer!

    maryam: it could be, you know, although maybe not 100%. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. your poor flip-flops! may they rest in peace in the afterlife after all their fragile, beautiful yet ephemeral lives have been through..... sob!

  6. Your flip-flop.... oh, what a touching story.

    A shoe's life is like the lives of ourselves, we live and born, tire and wear out, but in the end ultimately the battered, but wise shoe who has been suffered through the ups and downs, been squelched in the dirt, and basked in the sun, enduring the good and the bad, seen countless sights and wonders, can finally rest in peace and think "My life wasn't lived in vain."

    Is it better to be the lazy indoor shoe, lasting years and years living a comfortable life, never having faced the dirt and the sun.... or be the bold sandal who faced far horizons, and whose fleeting life was full of meaningful experiences?

    Life isn't about how many breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away....
    that is as true of a shoe as it is of us......

    Rest in peace, flip-flops!


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