Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of Bad-Ass Limps and Losing Faith in Doctors

I stupidly went and sprained my ankle all over again, and it's all because I was trying to maneouver a 15 kg bag down some steps of a bus. Actually it happened too quickly for me to realise what had actually happened. All I knew was one minute I was walking down the steps, and the next had me doubled up in pain on the curb, head bent down while I held my ankle and took in a long deep breath.

Now, I'll leave the details of my injury to your imagination or perhaps to a later post. All I'll say is that my left foot has swollen to scary proportions, shows no sign of improvement and looks like it doesn't belong to me, but to the Michelin Man instead. 

A reluctant visit to the doctor last night left me extremely frustrated - as all she did was give me a referral letter to get my foot X-rayed after she did the 'push against my hand' test (which I passed with flying colours, or so I think based on the fact that I could bend my foot to push her palm - and on my own, I've been allowing the ankle all the usual range of motions a non-sprained ankle would do without any trouble). Not that I mind an X-ray although if there is a fracture as diagnosed by the doctor, I think I'll cry, but come on - the last time I had a sprained ankle back in 2008, at least the doctor gave me an injection and some medication for the swelling and I was better within a few days. I did ask her if she had anything for the swelling, but she said no... what the hell? 

As for the suspected fracture - shouldn't a fracture leave you motionless and in pain at all times? I've been off painkillers for some time and can walk around (though with a bad-ass limp) with a handleable pain (period pain is much worse than this, I think) 

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Somewhere in the late afternoon today, I crossed over an invisible threshold and firmly set my feet amongst a group known as 'the thirty-somethings', a group where several members who have been there for a few years say is waaay better than the depressing twenties.

Last night, I found myself watching the final scene of a certain episode of How I Met Your Mother in a continuous loop. For some reason, the idea of 'taking the leap', in that episode had a strange hold on me the very first time I saw it. Perhaps taking the leap is what we should all do with our lives every now and then. Screw the plan (if there is any in the first place), and just have faith and listen to what the world is trying to tell you. The song used in the scene is pretty awesome too. I also realised that the principal character in the show celebrated his 31st birthday that day, and figured that it'll be a rather fitting video to share. Maybe it is time to take the leap.

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