Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of Bad-Ass Limps and Losing Faith in Doctors

I stupidly went and sprained my ankle all over again, and it's all because I was trying to maneouver a 15 kg bag down some steps of a bus. Actually it happened too quickly for me to realise what had actually happened. All I knew was one minute I was walking down the steps, and the next had me doubled up in pain on the curb, head bent down while I held my ankle and took in a long deep breath.

Now, I'll leave the details of my injury to your imagination or perhaps to a later post. All I'll say is that my left foot has swollen to scary proportions, shows no sign of improvement and looks like it doesn't belong to me, but to the Michelin Man instead. 

A reluctant visit to the doctor last night left me extremely frustrated - as all she did was give me a referral letter to get my foot X-rayed after she did the 'push against my hand' test (which I passed with flying colours, or so I think based on the fact that I could bend my foot to push her palm - and on my own, I've been allowing the ankle all the usual range of motions a non-sprained ankle would do without any trouble). Not that I mind an X-ray although if there is a fracture as diagnosed by the doctor, I think I'll cry, but come on - the last time I had a sprained ankle back in 2008, at least the doctor gave me an injection and some medication for the swelling and I was better within a few days. I did ask her if she had anything for the swelling, but she said no... what the hell? 

As for the suspected fracture - shouldn't a fracture leave you motionless and in pain at all times? I've been off painkillers for some time and can walk around (though with a bad-ass limp) with a handleable pain (period pain is much worse than this, I think) 


  1. Ooooo, hope you get better soon. I know how bad a sprain can feel. Try some ice compression with a dose of brufen 600, it helps with inflammation, at least it does for me anyway :D

  2. I did the ice compression (overdid it, in fact, alas)

    Funny thing is, besides the limp, the foot feels fine. I just don't like how it looks and the fact that I can't fit into my safety boots now.

  3. Why don't you go for a second opinion Terra ? The first doctor may be a bad one but not necessarily the second too.....
    I speak from experience .

    Hope u get well soon :)

  4. My doctor's response to just about anything is that "it's nothing to worry about" and "it'll sort itself out". I spend a few days scoffing at her incompetence, and then lo and behold....it sorts itself out.

  5. Unicorn Girl: I'll see the x-ray first. A lot of people have given me the suggestion to go and get the foot massaged, though... the reason it being swollen is attributed to 'angin'

    thanks for the advise :)

    nick: I wish mine would sort itself out...

  6. You should be wearing an ankle brace. When I fell a couple of years ago and sprained my ankle very badly, the doctor could tell if it was a sprain/fracture/broken limbs etc., and when decided it was a sprain, I was immediately sent to get an ankle brace and crutches.

    You're not supposed to put any weight/strain your ankle for at least 6 weeks as it could leave you with a weak ankle.

    Get a second opinion.

    I hope you will feel much better soon.

  7. I used an ankle brace for a few days, that is until my foot swelled so much that I suspected it was caused by the brace itself.

    To make matters worse, the place where I should go and get my x-ray taken was closed when I went. So much frustration!

    Yes, I'll definitely need a second opinion, and thanks for the advise :)

  8. You need a bad ass cane! You know it makes sense ;)

  9. Sprains are sometimes more painful than fractures.

  10. Oh. I didn't know that... mine is not a fracture, though. Phew.

  11. I have a friend who had a stress fracture in his foot and he kept trying to do long distance runs on it! Hope you heal up quickly.

  12. SAW: That's pretty admirable. ANd thanks, I hope it heals properly and soon too.


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