Monday, June 23, 2008

Wisdom Tooth Woes

With the left side of my face swollen with impending wisdom (although admittedly I don't see it coming at all), I am once again regretting my non-action on the growth of the wisdom teeth that seem to dominate my life and cause an unending suffering. That is until I take the bull by the horns, or in simpler terms, get my mouth examined by a different dentist who will just bloody well give me an appointment date to have them extracted, and after a serious amount of pain and perhaps lots of blood, I will stop looking as though I had dislocated my jaw.

It was almost a year ago (short by a month or so) when I visited the dentist last. She told me that my teeth was 'impacted'? (I'm not really sure, because it is rather hard to communicate when you've got all those tingly cold instruments in your mouth - if I can't talk, I can't get what the other person is saying either!) Alas! She said that she could not remove them and asked me to refer to a proper orthodontist.

Refer I did, but I ended up having to communicate with (what I believe to be) an incompetent receptionist which sort of became a totally non-productive communication and I hung up without getting the appointment because she couldn't answer my question and I couldn't get her, either. Sometimes I wonder if it's actually my communication skills that suck! Ah, well!

So yes, I've suddenly reached the point where I think action must be taken. Maybe I'll just stroll by their place, get a normal check up, and then get an appointment somewhere next month (This month has way too many audits and activities) Who needs 32 teeth anyway?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Hedgehog Song

Despite the stories we've heard as kids about how witches are cruel and should be avoided at all costs, I still find them fascinating. After TP, I think witches are way too cool! So, thanks to an invite to check out a quiz on facebook, I found out that I'm Gytha "Nanny"Ogg, who is a witch.

After a few weeks, I finally remembered to look for the lyrics to The Hedgehog Song so that all those who are Nanny Ogg deep down inside can sing it together. This one's for Aunty...

The Hedgehog Song

You can bugger the bear, if you do it with care, in the winter, when he is asleep in his lair, Though I would not advise it in spring or in fall-- but the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
If you're feeling quite coarse, you can bugger the horse, or the palfrey, the jennet, the stallion (with force), You can bugger the donkey, the mare, or the mule, Though to bugger the pony is needlessly cruel.
You can bugger the ox (if you stand on a box) And vulpologists say you can bugger the fox, You can bugger the shrew, though it's awfully small-- but the hedgehog cvan never be buggered at all.
Herptologists gasp you can bugger the asp, Entymologists claim you can bugger the wasp. If an insects your thing, man, then just have a ball-- But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
And the elephant too, that you meet in the zoo, Can be buggered if you are sure just what to do, You will need a large mattress upon which to fall-- but the hedgehog cvan never be buggered at all.
You can bugger the bees if your down on your knees, You can bugger the termites with terminal ease you can bugger the beetle, the ladybug (bird!) too, there's no end to the buggering that you can do.
You can bugger the cat if it isn't to fat You can bugger the rabbit you draw from your hat You can bugger the shark that you've chased in your yawl-- but the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
You can bugger the ermine, and all other vermine, like rats, mice, and roaches, if your not discernin'. You can bugger the dog, it will come when you call-- but the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
Although Mr. Tiggy is not very big, he Avoids with great ease those who fancy his arse. He just curls in a ball, shows his prickles and all-- And the would-be seducer leaves himin the grass
If you're that kind of fool, and you have a long tool, Do it with a giraffe, if you stand on a stool, Catch a yeti, who lives in the snows of Nepal-- but the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
For the hedgehog escapes the posterior rapes Performed upon others of different shapes Those who run, swim, or slither, they get it withal-- But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
It is said, if you try, you can bugger the fly, Or the swallow as it skims so skilfully by, Use a noose or a net, or lime (if you've the gall)-- but the hedgehog can never be buggered at all
You can bugger the cow (I will not tell you how), Or the boar, or the piglet, the shoat or the sow, You can bugger the ass as it stands in the stall-- But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
You can order or shoo 'im, or run a knife through 'im The one thing you cannot do is stick it to 'im. If you try to seduce 'im, you'll end in a fix, His prickles defend him against rampant pricks.
You can bugger the ram, you can bugger the lamb, You can bugger the ewe, though the wether's a sham, You can bugger the tiger (it may caterwaul) But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
You can bugger the seal, you can bugger the eel, You can bugger the crab, though they say it can't feel, You can bugger the bat as the night casts its pall, But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
You can bugger the snake (hold it down with a rake), Though to bugger the quetzal may be a mistake. You can bugger the billy, the nanny the kid, But to bugger the hedeghog just cannot be did.
You can bugger the slug, though it messes the rug, You can bugger the different species of bug, Or do it with a snail, if you slow to a crawl, But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.
At the end of the day, when you've had your rough way With all of those creatures, you'll just have to say "That damned Erinaceous has been my downfall--" For the hedgehog can never be buggered at all!

Words - Heather Wood, copyright 1993.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Something Happened?

I didn't realise it was June until I noticed that there were a few interesting movie trailers going on. Some may argue that it is most probably because you don't really find trailers unless you watch a movie in the cinema. I still insist that it's because it's June and the movies are naturally inclined to be more interesting.

In a totally unexpected twist of events, I found myself sitting in front of a big screen once again in a span of 1 week to watch The Happening. Most of the crowd were there for The Hulk which I thought it would be fun (plus I kinda like Edward Norton) as well, except that all the tickets were fully booked, and I just didn't want to stand in line to buy tickets that most probably wouldn't be available. (If there was a competition of the survival for the fittest (meanest), I think I might just lose)

It was one of those chilling thrillers, where the factors that caused the chills in the first place were invisible, intangible and yet the effect was so enormous that it caused some sort of mass panic.

Despite the naturally panicky and thriller-like tendencies, the movie had some light moments as well, like the plastic plant incident, and that strange exaggerated story about a pharmacist. And the obsession about terrorists. (Admittedly, terrorists are very real and can cause real fear, but it gets funny when everything unknown is associated with terrorists) One particularly non-light moment would be Mrs Jones. She's like a nightmare you'd want to wake up from in a jiffy. Creepy, I tell you...

What I found particularly likable about the movie is that it makes you stop and think. It makes you wonder if natural selection could really exist and cause damage at such a scale. It makes you think about the dinosaurs extinction all over again (if you like paleontology, that is)

In the end, it's all about the missing bees. Or frogs (in our world)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Happy Delivery Guy

Yes, I believe I can make the fifth Indy movie starring possibly me as one of the long lost nieces of Mr Jones and perhaps the happy delivery guy who is actually an illegal artefact hunter when he is not busy delivering post. Getting Harrison Ford to act in the movie might be something quite difficult to pull off, though.

Well, jokes aside... After torturing myself mentally whilist conjuring several 'lost in the post movie passes related incidents' for about a week since I won them, they finally arrived at my doorstep one drizzly night. I have never met many delivery guys in my lifetime, but I'd say this guy wins the most happy delivery guy award (if there ever is one) hands down.

The delivery van came rather noisily and the delivery guy seemed very excited about delivering the post. In fact, he informed me that I received mail from the Pengarah Radio (Radio Director), and guessed that I had won a competition and even commented that I was lucky. (All of this was said in a loud booming voice and unearthly cheerfulness which somehow unnerved me because I suddenly felt the way I used to feel while waiting to get the results of an important exam. I bet the whole neighbourhood would have heard him)

So, we caught the movie the following night at the local mall... me, the sister and the parents (my dad's a fan, and mom is game for anything)

The movie was pretty cool (here is a reminder that I'm not a good movie reviewer - otherwise I might actually try to do it for a living)The stunts and effects were awesome (obviously what else would you expect from the combined efforts of Spielberg and Lucas?) and the storyline had the perfect comedic timing, which is why I think Indiana Jones is cool. How could you possibly not like the unconventional hero who could be a total klutz or be afraid of snakes? Oh, and some parts of the dialogue were funny too!

I'd say it was a totally enjoyable movie although there were certain aspects of the movie that were uncomfortable. For instance the part where they tumble through a waterfall (3 times!!!) I found myself holding my breath. There was also something else, but if I described it then I might be giving away the plot and that wouldn't be fun.

Ok. I suddenly find myself having nothing to say. Yes, I guess it's true. I just can't review movies, or books or anything!! Yeah, do watch the movie if you haven't already :)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

What can I say?

Thursday. It was one of those days when the whole country reeled from shock. Petrol prices were going up by 78 sen per litre or 41%(24 cents?) from midnight, Friday. The road I was on was jammed because morons were queing up to get their tanks filled. Engines idling in the time they took to wait didn't seem to bother them much, although that is one of the factors that use up petrol. And they caused such a massive jam all over town!

Kiasuism to the core (and to think that we call our southern neighbours kiasu - which they are, but I don't want to start a verbal war here)

Anyway, I was tuned to my new favourite radio station, and the dj was asking the people to cool down. Waiting for two hours at any petrol station is not going to save your 78 sen per litre. And to think of all the petrol that is wasted. Doesn't anyone care for the environment anymore? What I thought was cool though was that the dj played this song which I remember from the time I was a small girl. (I had totally forgotten about the song until I heard it again! It was one of my favourite local songs back then) It's titled Apo nak Dikato (What can I say? - The title is so appropriate for the situation at hand, I thought) and I thought it would be nice to share this song.

It was released back in 1981 by a group called Blues Gang, and remains famous till today. It's in Malay (with Negri Sembilan dialect thrown in). After checking out the lyrics, I sort of noticed that other than the title, the song has nothing to do with petrol prices. Instead it deals with the daily lives of the people of Negri Sembilan. I lived in Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan until the age of 12, but have never come across the dialect before!

I have translated the Malay lyrics to English

Poi pokan naik basika (Going to town on a bicycle)
Tongah haghi tongah paneh (In the middle of a hot day)
Apo dayo motong gotah (Not sure what this means - but something about cutting rubber?)
Apo nak dikato (What Can I say)
Kalau boleh nak jadi cikgu sekolah (If it's possible I'd like to be a school teacher)
Kek Kolo Pilah (in Kuala Pilah)

Sawah leba kobau banyak (A large field with many bufalloes)
Air pigi sojuk sekali ( Water in the well is cold)
Sunyi sopi takdo oghang (It's silent cause there's nobody around)
Apo nak dikato (What can I say?)
Kalau boleh nak bising-bising ( If it's possible, we's like some noise)
Macam pokan Tampin (Just like the town of Tampin)

Tanak nasik bogheh kampong (Cooking rice ??)
Masak lomak cili (lado) api (Cooking lemak cili padi)
Mesen padi takdo lai (No paddy harvesting machine)
Apo nak dikato (What can I say)
Ramai oghang dah kojo kilang (Most people work in the factories)
Kek pokan Seghomban (In Seremban)

( roll )

Batu Ompek Toluk Komang (4th mile, Teluk Kemang)
Tompek oghang mandi mando (The place where people swim)
Aghi minggu ponoh sosak (Crowded in the weekends)
Apo nak dikato (What can I say)
Air laut bertambah masin (The sea becomes saltier)
Kek pokan Port Dickson (In Port Dickson)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dona Nobis Pacem

My peace muse took a short break, and therefore, I'm left postless. So, I shall leave you with a small list of peace movements there ever were (courtesy of search engines)

1. Day of Silence for Peace (source: wikipedia)
Also known as The Peace Movement, the Day of Silence for Peace follows the tradition of rallies that use silence to be noticed. Participants wear a piece of white cloth across their mouths with Peace written on it to symbolize their unity and readiness to change their world. It means they are tired of the status quo, and are willing to challenge it. It hopes to achieve unity and a sense of empowerment for its participants - including the knowledge that they can have an impact without traveling to the far reaches of the earth.
The first Day of Silence for Peace took place on October 23, 2007.

2. In 1981 the United Nations General Assembly passed resolution 36/67 declaring an International Day of Peace. In 2001, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a new resolution 55/282 declaring 21 September of each year as the International Day of Peace. (source:
3. Mercy Corps - Many of the root causes of poverty can be found in conflict over resources, philosophies and goals. Mercy Corps believes that engaging potential adversaries in productive dialogue can lead to mutually-beneficial solutions and positive, peaceful change for communities and entire regions.
Conflict resolution today can help avoid tomorrow's wars and other crises

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Observations and Global Shopping

I swear if there is one overused word these days, its Global. Of course there are other words that are being overused to the point that you wish the word never existed, but for today, we’ll stick to Global.

With the transition from May to June, once again Malaysians and a large number of tourists are thronging a particular mall in KL for shopping for things from India, thus making it somewhat global. That and the fact that some Malaysian stalls have also been thrown in to make a b
etter mix. Welcome to the 6th Global Indian Shopping Festival!
It was the second day of the fair yesterday and we decided to go, seeing that it was the weekend and all. The previous year we ended up visiting the fair towards the end, where most of the goods had met their respective owners and we were left with what can only be suitably labeled as the remnants.
We took the train there, and it was crowded to the point that I could not hold on to the bar that stood stolidly while people of all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of hairstyles held onto it as though it had promised them wonderful things! Both my sister and I had a conversation about the train driver who most probably is bored to death every single day that his idea of fun is pronouncing the names of the stops in different accents.
Anyway, we kind of systematically scoured the aisles among the booths that were set up. I met a friend of mine shopping for her wedding at the end of this year. And we kept meeting at each aisle several times during the whole day. Probably we had subconsciously devised the same system as to not miss anything. This year, I ditched the heels for proper comfortable shoes, which were not that comfortable anymore after three hours of walking (we were there for about 5 hours, which means my poor feet had to endure 2 hours of pain!!)
The crowd was unbelievable. I can’t imagine why people are willing to throng shopping malls in the weekends when it gets so crowded (each time I go there, regardless if there is an exhibition or not, if there were sales or not or if the whole country was suffering from an economic crisis or not, every single shopping mall in the city will be packed with people in the weekends) although I do have a theory. It’s because we have no where else to go to. It’s too hot for the park, there’s no where to go to and no one wants to stay at home either!
We got ourselves some stuff, including a saree which was adorned with prints with some sparkly stuff that was sewed by hand by some poor rural women. It was gorgeous!! I had left my camera at home on the way out, so there are no photos of the shopping fair itself. These are photos that I took when I got back.
From the top: A bracelet, an ethnic bangle which can be used as a weapon for self defence, and the gorgeous saree that politely whispered "buy me"

Well, after all this excitement, and as I'm typing this out, I realised that I had just missed a bookfair held in another mall that would have been equally crowded!

Stupid Things

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