Sunday, June 15, 2008

Something Happened?

I didn't realise it was June until I noticed that there were a few interesting movie trailers going on. Some may argue that it is most probably because you don't really find trailers unless you watch a movie in the cinema. I still insist that it's because it's June and the movies are naturally inclined to be more interesting.

In a totally unexpected twist of events, I found myself sitting in front of a big screen once again in a span of 1 week to watch The Happening. Most of the crowd were there for The Hulk which I thought it would be fun (plus I kinda like Edward Norton) as well, except that all the tickets were fully booked, and I just didn't want to stand in line to buy tickets that most probably wouldn't be available. (If there was a competition of the survival for the fittest (meanest), I think I might just lose)

It was one of those chilling thrillers, where the factors that caused the chills in the first place were invisible, intangible and yet the effect was so enormous that it caused some sort of mass panic.

Despite the naturally panicky and thriller-like tendencies, the movie had some light moments as well, like the plastic plant incident, and that strange exaggerated story about a pharmacist. And the obsession about terrorists. (Admittedly, terrorists are very real and can cause real fear, but it gets funny when everything unknown is associated with terrorists) One particularly non-light moment would be Mrs Jones. She's like a nightmare you'd want to wake up from in a jiffy. Creepy, I tell you...

What I found particularly likable about the movie is that it makes you stop and think. It makes you wonder if natural selection could really exist and cause damage at such a scale. It makes you think about the dinosaurs extinction all over again (if you like paleontology, that is)

In the end, it's all about the missing bees. Or frogs (in our world)


  1. Haven't seen it but I know what it is about. Quite an interesting concept.

  2. yeah, I liked the concept too :)

  3. hey, thanks for browsing my blog. Ur blogs are much nicer tho..:-D. Anyway, just wanna say that i watched the Hulk last Thursday and it didnt do much to me. I like Ed Norton and Tim Roth but it was just very run of the mill IMHO.

  4. I don't do scary movies...

    They scare me.


  5. Denise: thanks... Ok, that's sad though... cos the trailer looked pretty promising

    SS: Lol! Actually, neither do I. I close my eyes whenever I predict something extra scary :D


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