Thursday, June 12, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Happy Delivery Guy

Yes, I believe I can make the fifth Indy movie starring possibly me as one of the long lost nieces of Mr Jones and perhaps the happy delivery guy who is actually an illegal artefact hunter when he is not busy delivering post. Getting Harrison Ford to act in the movie might be something quite difficult to pull off, though.

Well, jokes aside... After torturing myself mentally whilist conjuring several 'lost in the post movie passes related incidents' for about a week since I won them, they finally arrived at my doorstep one drizzly night. I have never met many delivery guys in my lifetime, but I'd say this guy wins the most happy delivery guy award (if there ever is one) hands down.

The delivery van came rather noisily and the delivery guy seemed very excited about delivering the post. In fact, he informed me that I received mail from the Pengarah Radio (Radio Director), and guessed that I had won a competition and even commented that I was lucky. (All of this was said in a loud booming voice and unearthly cheerfulness which somehow unnerved me because I suddenly felt the way I used to feel while waiting to get the results of an important exam. I bet the whole neighbourhood would have heard him)

So, we caught the movie the following night at the local mall... me, the sister and the parents (my dad's a fan, and mom is game for anything)

The movie was pretty cool (here is a reminder that I'm not a good movie reviewer - otherwise I might actually try to do it for a living)The stunts and effects were awesome (obviously what else would you expect from the combined efforts of Spielberg and Lucas?) and the storyline had the perfect comedic timing, which is why I think Indiana Jones is cool. How could you possibly not like the unconventional hero who could be a total klutz or be afraid of snakes? Oh, and some parts of the dialogue were funny too!

I'd say it was a totally enjoyable movie although there were certain aspects of the movie that were uncomfortable. For instance the part where they tumble through a waterfall (3 times!!!) I found myself holding my breath. There was also something else, but if I described it then I might be giving away the plot and that wouldn't be fun.

Ok. I suddenly find myself having nothing to say. Yes, I guess it's true. I just can't review movies, or books or anything!! Yeah, do watch the movie if you haven't already :)


  1. nice movie and i watched it twice in cinema..:D

    I like the part when he gotta know who his son was and he ordered him to finish schooling..that was funny among other scenes:D

  2. Nuusha :)

    I had the same problem back in school...maybe its an Indian thing? With the neighbors always looking over our fence and knowing everything that happened. hated it.

    I so want to go watch that movie. Sigh, no time.

  3. vivek: yeah, that was one of the adorable scenes...

    ss: ah well, there's always a chance when the dvd gets out, but it's not the same, right?

    Ah well, about the nosy neighbours... I don't think it's an indian thing. No one came out to see what was going on that day, (thank goodness!!)

  4. You review just fine :)

    I accidently ruined the end for people in line at the movies the other day. Fell so bad.

  5. I've always thought that the best movie reviews were the ones where the reviewer didn't tell me if they thought the movie was good, but rather whether they liked the movie.

    So I approve of your review because you told me that you liked it.

  6. orhan: thanks :) Well, it's a good thing that the movie doesn't rely that much on the storyline. The action is kick-ass though

    travis: yeah, that's true... I guess the viewers should decide for themselves if something is good or not :)


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