Monday, June 23, 2008

Wisdom Tooth Woes

With the left side of my face swollen with impending wisdom (although admittedly I don't see it coming at all), I am once again regretting my non-action on the growth of the wisdom teeth that seem to dominate my life and cause an unending suffering. That is until I take the bull by the horns, or in simpler terms, get my mouth examined by a different dentist who will just bloody well give me an appointment date to have them extracted, and after a serious amount of pain and perhaps lots of blood, I will stop looking as though I had dislocated my jaw.

It was almost a year ago (short by a month or so) when I visited the dentist last. She told me that my teeth was 'impacted'? (I'm not really sure, because it is rather hard to communicate when you've got all those tingly cold instruments in your mouth - if I can't talk, I can't get what the other person is saying either!) Alas! She said that she could not remove them and asked me to refer to a proper orthodontist.

Refer I did, but I ended up having to communicate with (what I believe to be) an incompetent receptionist which sort of became a totally non-productive communication and I hung up without getting the appointment because she couldn't answer my question and I couldn't get her, either. Sometimes I wonder if it's actually my communication skills that suck! Ah, well!

So yes, I've suddenly reached the point where I think action must be taken. Maybe I'll just stroll by their place, get a normal check up, and then get an appointment somewhere next month (This month has way too many audits and activities) Who needs 32 teeth anyway?


  1. oh you poor thing. As far as I'm aware there are two types of wisdom teeth removal - if they're up and if they're not. I had three of mine removed not to long ago... they were half up. I had been going along in the mistaken belief that they were "growing" for 10 years, but as it happened there wasn't room for them. So it was just like a normal extraction, just a little bit sorer.

    The other kind is when the wisdom teeth have not emerged, but are compacted beneath the gum line. As far as I'm aware these require an operation. But its quite common - I've known lots of people who've had it. it is supposed to be very sore though, and you should take a week off if you have it.

    I feel you pain.

  2. I hate wisdom tooth extraction..taking my wisdom away from me:)

    Anyway, I had a surgical removal of my wisdom tooth after delaying it for many years.. It was the worse two weeks of my life cos thats the first time i cabut gigi, then i was staying in hostel-nothing good to eat!

    But take good care after the extraction cos i was bad in it. thus, i was bleeding for 2weeks and had to visit dentist every two days..:(

  3. Ouch! Get those nasty things taken care of as soon as you can. You'll feel so much better, and the discomfort really doesn't last that long.

    I had two out within a week of each other and healed up quite nicely within several days.

  4. aunty: I believed that they were 'growing' all this while as well. I'm not sure if mine requires an extraction or an operation, but either way, the very thought of it is scary! I've never been for either before. And thanks for the explanation :)

    vivek: You can eat after the operation? wont the food go and get stuck in the gums?

    travis: that sounds pretty comforting :)

  5. Oh dear.

    I remember when I had my wisdom teeth out (I became a blogger soon after...go figure huh :P), I looked like a chipmunk for a week. Not fun.

    My advice: Get it done now. Asap. Don't allow it to go another week, the longer you wait the more difficult the procedure will be, which is directly proportional to the pain you will feel afterwards.

    So get it done k :)

    And please let us know how it goes

  6. Good luck with that. Has yours grown out? I had mine removed 2 yrs. ago and because they had not grown out yet, I had to have an operation. It was fun :) but you're sore for weeks.

    24-Jun-2008 17:54:00

  7. SS: Chipmunk, eh? Now I'm getting worried... not so much about looking like a chipmunk (they're cute!!) but more for the pain. I think I've got a low threshold for pain :(

    Anita: Yeah I remember.... you posted it up on your former blog. I think it's half out, but I'm not sure. I really need to see a good orthodontist. Soon...

  8. It will be more painful the longer you wait Nuusha! So get it done ssoon k.


  9. yeah i did eat..i ate mash cream..soup..that was for the first few days..then i cannot tahan i came back home and makan KFC, pizza albeit gotta chew at the other side of ur unaffected parts..I had stitches first 2weeks had to jaga so no foods got stuck there..
    I still got 3more to go and i planned to leave it as it is!:D

  10. Also talk about a friggin' design flaw in human beings. For most of us our mouths aren't big enough to hold all the teeth that grow there! Someone did explain to me why this is, but I can't remember.

    The thing about dental work that you need to bear in mind is: when you are afraid of the dentist you build these things up to be much, much worse than they are. The sooner you get it done, the better, for your teeth and your own mental state... honestly. And your mouth heals much quicker than other parts of the body.

    After I had all that work done after not going to the dentist for 12 years I acknowledged that it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be.

  11. SS: I will, I will, Hehehe... I was just thinking that most people take breaks to go on exotic holidays. I will be taking a break to recover from dental work. How unromantic is that!

    vivek: lol! I heard that some people cabut all four together. Which is what I'm aiming for I guess.

    aunty: Tell me about it. I also read somewhere that the wisdom tooth's function is obsolete as we don't really need to grind bone these days. Unless we're teribbly hungry and have nothing else to eat :D


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