Saturday, June 16, 2007


Well, sort of, I guess…

On the 3rd floor of the *longest shopping mall, a myriad of stalls stood side by side piled on with items that ranged from clothes to food to wall hangings. Throngs of people walked through the narrow aisles, eyes feasting upon the colours that greeted them in a wave of friendliness. The stall owners stood or sat at their stalls, waiting for the folks to drop by. That was the Global Indian Shopping Festival which was held for the past two weeks.

After missing out on the festival in 2006 for reasons that were soon forgotten, we made it a point to go this year. The idea of being able to find stuff that you don’t usually get in the Malaysian shops sounded enticing enough to brave the crowds that were sure to be there as it was the weekend as well as the second last day of the festival.

It was pretty interesting as far as interesting things go. There were lots of clothes although the particular type of clothing I had in mind was nowhere to be seen. However, they had plenty of bags on display. A ‘this is THE BAG’ moment was somehow turned into an ‘oh bummer! The zipper’s gone and this is the last bag’ moment. So in the end, it was ‘hey, another nice bag… I’ll get that’. Thanks to the hermana who patiently followed me around as I was looking for THE BAG. The wooden carvings were magnificent… I was particularly interested in a horseless (or bullockless) carriage (cart) but with no practical use for it, I tossed the idea aside (regretting it now)… And then there was that big bangle with little suns on it. Nice!

I also met two old friends whom I haven’t seen since 2002 (where has all the time gone?) where we chatted for a bit, caught up with 5 lost years in a few minutes. Hehehe small world, eh?

Most of the so called foodstalls sold sweets like palkuar (sp?) and the likes… it would have been so much better if the traders sold food from all the different regions of India like those shown on the travel channel.

Well, there are a few things that I learnt from that rainy Saturday… which may or may not serve as fodder for future blog posts
a) Wall hangings are amazing
b) Heels make you suffer for at least three days :(
c) My funny bone is beyond repair

d) Green and orange do look nice together

* It was, but not sure if it still is :D


  1. Hmm... It's an event for Visit Malaysia Year, huh? It sounds really interesting. =)

    Unlike you, I'll do anything to avoid meeting people who I have not seen in years. It feels awkward to suddenly meet them, say "Hi!" and not say much after that. (Or maybe that is just me.)

  2. Sounds like a very cool place to spend some time. We've got lots of festivals beginning for the summer and I'm looking forward to checking some out.

  3. I want to hear about the funny bone that is beyond repair, Terra!

  4. Certainly sounds like something I would go and see. It's a shame you don't have any pictures to share of the festives.

  5. Do you mean your metaphorical funnybone.... or do you whack your elbow off something?

    I agree with you about the heels... I find that after a painful day/ evening of standing I can't even look at the shoes that caused the pain for a month!

  6. frolicsome kid: yeah, it's part of the VMY 2007 project... but it's been an annual event for the past few years...
    Anyway, I know what you mean about meeting old friends and being awkward and all... it happens, I guess :)

    travis: that sounds like fun... it's strange but sometimes discovering things in your own country can be really fun as well :)

    gem: you will hear about it... (soon, i hope) :D

    orhan: i didn't bring along my camera this time... maybe next year? :)

    aunty: it's the metaphorical funny bone... a few stories I must share when i get the time to compose a proper post :)

  7. Enjoyed this read, Terra. :-)


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