Monday, January 05, 2009

Getting into the groove of things

The kids are back to school,
I guess they don't think it's cool,
After a month of playing the fool,
Now it's back to the whirlpool.

Today was the first day of school and after about a month of being able to leave the house a little later, and still avoid the traffic jam, everything is back to like what it was before. Cars with the parents and their little first day to school kids with their smartly pressed uniforms, clean shoes and new bags walking into the school grounds while their cars are parked along the road.

To avoid getting annoyed unneccesarily, I left the house 10 minutes earlier as I had to pass by three primary schools on my way to work. Secondary schools wouldn't have been so bad as the kids are older and will not necessarily have their parents in tow. I escaped the jam in the first two schools, but was slightly delayed in the third school as by then the parents cars had happily illegally parked at the side of the road reducing our two lane road to one and a half lanes. Of course there's nothing much you can do with one and a half lanes, so you move slowly to avoid any accidents.

Nevertheless, I ended up reaching work early. And although it means that from now onwards, road users will be even more rude and dare devilish, and the journey to and from work will be a bit more painful, it is kind of nice to get back into the groove of things, to get back a sense of normalcy that I feared had disappeared towards the end of the previous year.

Unrelated matters: I received an international text message spam (from Indonesia this time) inviting me to check out a hot dance by an Indonesian supermodel on my phone. Why?


  1. Oh weird - I didn't even know they did spam texts.

    My kids don't start back unti tomorrow. My older son marked the occassion by sleeping until 1 pm.

  2. It's annoying, but funny at the same time.

    I used to sleep till midday for the same reason before insomnia hit

  3. LOL @ your international text spam! WTF.

    When I used to catch a train to work I'd love the school holidays because the trains were always so empty. There was no doubt when school was back in some weeks later.

  4. I know... I had to read it twice to make sure, free registration and for those above 18 only :)

    And yes, the difference between when school is in or out is very obvious.

  5. I don't pass by any schools on my way to work, but that hasn't kept me from traffic jams. What a pain.

  6. Yeah, that's a bummer. Can't stand jams..


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