Monday, January 19, 2009


To whom it may concern,

Interesting innit, how things turned out? Are you wondering what went wrong again? Or are you going to say that you lost because of the 58% of people who refused to exercise their rights?

Welcome to the 21st century, the age where people refuse to accept propaganda blindly like those in the 20th century did, which made you think that you were God's gift to mankind, and everyone was so thankful for your existence, the so called stability you provided and the fact that without you, everything that was built all this while will crumble into tiny little pieces.

After 50 over years, I'm amazed that you think we are still so gullible as to listen to everything you have to say without looking further. We may be facing a mid-life crisis, but we can get out of it if we deal with this properly. Your scare tactics are passe, dated, whatever. You have lost your relevence, because what you offer is not what we need, much less what we want.

So, the voices that had been squeaking louder and louder since March of 2008 have finally proven to you something. Are you going to listen, or are you still in denial?



  1. This turned out more confusing than ever. As the labels suggest, it's about Malaysia and our volatile political scene.

    For the benefit of those outside of the country, this letter is in response to results of the recent by-elections held in Kuala Terengganu.

  2. I think you were a revolutionary in your past life.

  3. Oh, thanks for the clarification!

  4. Oh, thanks for the clarification!

  5. orhan: Perhaps, that would have been so cool but blogthings told me I was a famous undertaker

    citizen: You're most welcome

  6. Pretty much the same here. The recent terrorist attacks in my city have mobilised people. They want to make the leaders accountable now. What's heartening is that young people have joined the frenzy.

  7. Yes, that's true. Even over here, the once ignorant twenty somethings have decided to make their voice heard.

  8. Wow. That could have been a letter to the former President of the US.


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