Sunday, January 18, 2009


It is indeed awkward leaving the blog idle for a few days, and although there are a few things which need to be put up, I just couldn't find the time and opportunity to make them 'sound nice' (in print at least) Therefore, I have decided to bring up something which I posted in December 2006 as my very first Thursday 13 post (credit goes to Travis for this idea), and it discusses 13 things about me in the old days (before 2006, that is)

1. She played table tennis in school
2. She dyed her hair purple once, but since her original hair was very dark, it didn't show except under bright lights.
3. When she was 11 she had a fight with another kid over a green colour pencil.
4. At age 6, she created an imaginary sister whom she fondly named Malboro. She then shared the imaginary sister story with her real sister who believed every single word.
5. She had single handedly destroyed a vacuum cleaner
6. Her interest in caring for the environment started with a book by David Bellamy
7. She used to have a cool collection of stickers
8. When she was 5, her neighbour told her that she wanted to kidnap her kid sister, and she really believed that horrid woman.
9. No one wanted to be friends with her when she first started school
10. She used to enjoy the school bus rides home when she was around 13 and 14 years old
11. She had survived on a 56K modem until April 2006
12. Her ex-favourite sling bag had a glow in the dark Adidas logo which frightened the hell out of her one night when there was a power failure.
13. When she was around 10 she used to pretend her dad's motorbike was a horse


  1. Barely-purple hair and a cool sticker collection. It's a good life.

  2. You had such vivid imagination, no wonder you turned into a writer

  3. HA! We could be onto something here. Since the TT site has gone out of business, maybe the new TT meme could be Wayback Thursday 13.

  4. citizen: It is, indeed :)

    tazeen: That's what happens to kids who are left sans siblings. I love to write, but I wouldn't call myself a writer... :)

    travis: Sounds like a pretty good idea to me... although in my whole blogging history, I've only done TT twice :)

  5. 56k, oh my, those were the days. I'm glad that was done with!

    You may have to work on your sister naming system. Haha. Malboro, hahahaha, that is so cute.


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