Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So much for using lavender to help with having a peaceful sleep. I used some in the room last night and instead of sleeping like a proverbial baby, I ended up flitting in and out of dreams like a flimsy wooden boat in choppy waters.

The first dream I had was somehow in the office and at home in the same time, it was apparently 6:30 am, and I received information that we are all supposed to go to the main office to submit our list of improvement projects at that very moment and my protests of it "only being 6:30 in the morning!" and "I thought it was supposed to be at 6:30 pm" fell on deaf ears as everyone else trooped out of the office leaving me behind.

Then I suddenly find myself back on my bed, and reluctantly I get up to go and take my shower so that I could go to work to submit the list. Next thing I know, while I'm actually showering, I'm suddenly bleeding profusely in an abnormal sort of way. I stop showering immediately, and then get dressed, all the while worrying about the bleeding because it became painful the moment I saw the blood. I decided to head on to the clinic first, and suddenly I find my mom and my sister in the car with me.

We head towards the clinic, but the roads are all full of cars that look like helicopters minus the rotor, so I make an illegal turning somewhere, and I think of heading straight to work, but then I had to drop my mom and sister somewhere, so I make another turn, and when I do that, all three of us are out of the car, and I can't seem to find it because my car had turned helicopter shaped as well, and there was a small kid running inside. I pull of the kid, and drop my mom and the sister by the side of a road which looks like it's heading into a jungle, and then I wake up.

I can't decipher dreams to save my life, but I'm very curious why my dreams are always so strange. Anyone out there who wants to attempt deciphering this?


  1. The other night I had one involving a flying rock and warm-water lake penguins. I lived in a shack on the abandoned grounds of some university or another and saw an apparition. There was a swingset straight out of Ravenholm and a surprisingly sprawling wooden upstairs to my shack. Some other neat stuff happened too.

  2. Interesting.... no doubt about that :)

  3. "ended up flitting in and out of dreams like a flimsy wooden boat in choppy waters."

    hehe nice!

    I've had dreams where i'm in two places at the same time too! It's kinda like I can physically see myself in one place and yet I feel like i'm in the other, can't really describe it too well though.
    I'm amazed that you could recall your dream, I can never remember them more than five minutes after waking up even if i try really hard too.

  4. Nope.

    But I will say if you start paying attention to the elements of the dreams and what associations they have for you personally, they may start becoming more interpretable.

  5. kartik: apparently, we lose any memory of the dream within 5 minutes of it ending, and another thing I heard is that you actually will not have any memory of the dream if you don't wake up in the middle of the dream.

    What I do when I have a dream is that I actually keep awake and recall it as much as I can, and if I'm nerdy enough I actually jot it down. You never know, they may become good fodder for writing fiction. :)

    citizen: My intepretation: I worry too much about work, may get a some sort of disease someday (possibly low blood pressure because it seems to be running in one side of the family), and will somehow design a new car which is shaped like a helicopter in the future :D

  6. Umm..I can't quite interpret dreams but it is rather interesting to try learn/understand them. Check the site(link) that I have posted on my blog post:

    It might just help.

  7. I couldn't agree more. Someone once told me that dreams were there to keep us sane.

    Anyway, thanks for the link. I will check it out when I get the chance :)

  8. hmmm..... good idea, will try the next time i remember having one

  9. You probably should start writing down the main themes and elements of your dreams and see if there is a pattern. I used to have dreams of me running from something. Then I begn confronting them the more older and confident and aware I became. Now, I just have dreams of people doing stuff..or as you know, dreams of sleeping. They are the worst!

  10. kartik: yeah, a dream journal :)

    orhan: Yeah, perhaps I should check out to see if there is a pattern. But if I started dreaming of sleeping then I'd have 1 less thing to blog about. Hmmm... :)

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