Wednesday, January 21, 2009


They swerve, they skid, they come this close to causing a massive heart attack in even the healthiest person around, and yet they look at you nonchalantly (which is fine by me) or give you the look that clearly says "Are you trying to kill me?"

That is the typical scenario of a motor bike rider, or to put it even more accurately, the scenario with a typical Malaysian motor bike rider. I can't speak for others.

I don't know if it's just me or if anyone else has noticed it, but it seems as though these bikers don't seem to care for their own lives, and instead hope that the other road users will look out for them and take care of them. I mean, they ride dangerously, beat traffic lights at any given opportunity, swerve in and out around other vehicles, stationary or otherwise, and if something bad happens, they shamelessly place the blame on the other vehicle. What the hell? As a person who drives a car, I am sometimes more terrified of bikers than I am of big trailers.

This morning, I had a less than pleasant experience with a bike that swerved from the lane at the far right to the lane on the far left in which me and Chiquita were plodding along quietly on our way to work. Thankfully we were at a speed that was slow enough to stop immediately as the bike swerved into the lane with a screech. Otherwise, I'd most probably be at the police station reporting the accident and fretting over the broken bones of complete strangers instead of typing this out.

It's obvious that the bike rider was at fault for switching lanes in such a dangerous manner, but his pillion rider had the gall to turn and give me a dirty look as though it was me who got in their way. Idiots!

Note: I don't mean to diss all bike riders with this post, only the ones I've encountered so far.


  1. I agree! More often than not bike riders are trouble and 4-wheelers rule :D

    and thank God everybody is fine.

  2. Good to know I'm not the only one who feels that way. And yes, you can bet I'm very thankful that I didn't knock them down this morning....

  3. I'd just work on NOT feeling guilty once you do hit one of these idiots.

  4. I don't think I'll feel guilty as much as shake like a leaf. :)

  5. they scare the bejaysus out of me when I'm driving. It's like they think it's competition to see if they can stay in your blind spot , so you have so little chance to see them when they do decided to pass you out.

    off the point entirely - those tying things on the girls shoes look like they're cutting off the circulation in her legs.

  6. Exactly... I understand the lure of the adrenaline rush, but to risk their lives in such a manner?

    As for the strings, now that you mention it, yeah... it does look a tad bit tight. :)

  7. No helmet laws?

  8. They won't be able to report anything if their spleen is stuck on someone's windshield wipers.

  9. citizen: Helmets are compulsory, and they were using them. If you're referring to the photo, it was taken off a motorbike magazine, hence no helmets :)

    woozie: Eww... but true :)

  10. Ahem.... yesss... being one of the aforementioned bikers, yes I do agree, even in India, we can be a menace on the streets, but you gotta try it once out as a biker and see the shit we have to put up with. Most people on four wheels and on foot, drive/walk like we don't exist. Pedestrians who would stop if they see a car or a bus cross very calmly if I should come speeding down the road, assuming since I'm on a bike I'll get out of their way no problem. They'll nonchalantly wave their hands to tell me to get out of their way, as harmless as that sounds, it gets very confusing when you're going fast. And they don't realise a speeding bike can inflict a lot of damage too.
    Then the four wheelers that switch lanes without indicating, refuse to give way around round-abouts, shut me out when I'm overtaking from the correct side, drive me into a concrete median, while I'm overtaking when they're doing 20 in the fast-lane, jump the light and then glare at me, don't me started on them.
    It's not all that easy being a biker in India, you have to get a little aggressive and muscle a little space for yourself on the road.

  11. I've never ridden a bike myself before, only always a pillion rider, and back then I was in a small town with not many cars.

    And yeah, I do see that it is difficult being a biker as well, especially after you've mentioned some of the things you face.

  12. ...that being said we are a bit insane too :P

  13. hear hear. i join kartik and his biking woes. and i live in a city where bikes rule - and still...

  14. kartik: LOL!

    TQ: I've seen Indian movies, and the scenes on the road scare me, but I also know that movies are not to be trusted. But seriously, from Kartik's description, bikers in India seem so much more well behaved compared to ours!


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