Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Sometimes it is hard to say where it all began, but in this case we can safely say it all started with the convenience of three-in-one sachets, a retractable pen and a mobile phone in a pocket. Oh, and moving around. Lots of it. Which reminds me of the horror expressed by a dear friend during one of our 'conversations' at the number of items that occupy my pockets. Yes, I finally see the repercussions of having these many things in the pockets.

Anyway, to make a long story short (it wasn't very long to begin with), the retractable pen, unretracted, poked a hole in the sachet and there were bits of coffee powder, creamer and sweetener in my pocket which filled up every crevice of my mobile phone that I believe has suffered more beatings than the quiet kid at the playground ever has due to the fact that besides making calls/sending texts, it likes to fall down! Alot!

It's a strange feeling putting your hands into your pocket and feeling the coffee powder. It's as though you smashed some biscuits in there. A trip to the bathroom saw me turn out my pockets and wash them in the sink which then (about 10 minutes later) brought in so many ants in there that anyone would have thought there is a diabetic amongst us. And my mobile phone makes a crinkley crumbley noise when I press the buttons. Now as I sit here typing this, my pocket is almost clean. The remainder of the coffee in the pack had been made into a drink, and everywhere I turn smells like coffee. Thank goodness it's a nice kind of smell!


  1. Thankfully you tagged this with funny stuff because I had my hand over my mouth the whoile time I was reading trying not to laugh. I knew this stuffing of pockets would catch up with you eventually but not in such a lulzy fashion!

    Simply adorable.

  2. That was very funny! It is even funnier to know such a minor detail about the day of someone so far away, and yet understand how exactly she must have felt. If I were you I'd blame it all on the coffee and throw it away with hatred. :D

  3. Orhan: It was this close (0.1 cm distance between index finger and thumb) to not being published because I initially thought it was a dumb thing to write about. Then I changed my mind. I'm glad you found it lulzy, though ;)

    And yes, I may reduce the number of things that goes into the pocket from now...

    V: Yes, it was funny in a way (and very messy!) I unfortunately like coffee too much to have thrown it away :)

  4. The crunching noise when you press the buttons on your phone is what gets me.... I nearly cried at that bit (with laughter)! I do things like that all the time. It's like you know that it's not a good idea but you do it anyway.

  5. Reading your comment made me laugh, and I see what's funny about the whole thing. I do things like that all the time too.

    Still laughing :D

  6. No lasting harm to the cell phone? I ran mine through the washing machine. It survived but the speaker cone was damaged and now the sound is a little fuzzy. Maybe I should feed it some coffee.

  7. Oh hell coffee in your cellphone, what a way for a cell to go thankfully it's still working though.

    My the bottom of my backpack is full of this kind of stuff. No coffee, though I have, loose tobacco, coriander, that silica (i think) stuff they use to absorb moisture, mothballs and wax (don't ask), bus tickets, and scraps of paper. I really should get around to cleaning it one of these days.

  8. kartik, you have just made me feel less bad about the crud that's in the bottom of my bag... I don't think there are any mothballs or wax there.

    this has reminded me of the time I had a tin of black treacle in my schoolbag (we were making gingerbread in home economics) and of course it opened and spread itself liberally over all my books!

    But why, oh why, did I think for one second that that wouldn't happen?!

  9. citizen: yeah, the phone is still alive and kicking, and surprisingly the volume seems to be much higher than it usually is. Knowing me, it was most probably accidentally increased by me and not the coffee ;)

    kartik: I'm with aunty on this one. You can't imagine how good it feels to know that there are other people with unexplainable stuff in their bags. Mine is filled with scraps of papers with half written blog ideas, jokes and song titles. But why coriander? (see, i didn't ask about the wax)

    aunty: Did you ever get the treacle off the books? I've had the same fate with face wash and and other toiletries. I seriously trusted the packaging.

  10. I belive my books existed thereafter with a sticky, treacle tide mark. Thankfully most of them were schoolbooks that I don't regret not having today, but my dad was bitter because we were reading 'to kill a mocking bird' in school and he had loaned me his copy, and so he whinged about the treacle tide mark on that for some time.... I should probably buy him another copy of that book!

  11. Even worse, I carried a tomato around in my bag today, well it was one before my external hard-disk smashed it, now it's pulp.
    I use my bag to carry veggies that i pick up on my way back from work. Very often, bits fall out of the plastic bag I carry around to keep em in, hence the coriander
    (notice i did not mention wax)

  12. Of course... didn't occur to me that you might have put the coriander in there in the first place :)

    Poor squashed tomato, though...

  13. I can understand keeping a pen and a phone in your pockets, but packets of instant coffee? That one I don't get.

  14. Oh, it's because I don't carry a bag into the office. It makes it more obvious when you're leaving the office after work and everyone else is still busy working.

    (yes, our work culture is very screwed)


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