Saturday, January 03, 2009

Overheard in UTM

I've always thought that good company is very important for your well being. Back when I was in UTM doing my degree, I happened to meet the most fantastic bunch of people whom I remain friends with till today except for a couple of people who turned weird and decided to cut off ties. We did have good times, and good conversations, and despite the spirit killing nature of our coursework we remained in high spirits because of some of the things we did. I don't know how or why, but I suddenly recollected some of the stuff we said to each other in those years, and it kept me laughing to myself early this morning. (I awoke at 6 although I had set my alarm for 7)
And I figured why not share it and spread some laughter....

Quotes that were used as advice for the juniors in the faculty name book:
(Back in the day, the first years were required to come up with performances, the second years will be the organisers of the event, and the third, fourth and fifth years will be there to sit back, relax and enjoy the show, and eat as well. Everyone is required to fill up a form with information like your name, phone no, address and advice. In the batch I was in if you don't fill up the section for the quote, someone else will fill it up for you)

1. "Take life seriously or you'll never get out alive!" (One of our more laidback friends wrote "Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive" so, this was written for one of the most serious coursemate of ours)

2. "Cows come and cows go, but vegetarianism remains forever" (For our vegetarian friend who didn't fill up her column)

3. "Jesus loves you, but nobody loves me" (The guy only wrote "Jesus loves you" but his friends decided to add "nobody loves me")

4. In response to a friend's constant mutterings of "It's so boring" on a Saturday afternoon, I said "Life will be boring to you if you are boring to life"
Somehow, both she and my roomie found it terribly funny that they put it up on her notice board!

5. A conversation between a 5'9" guy and a 4' 11" girl
Guy: God should have spent a little more time on you (sung to the tune of N'sync's God must have spent a little more time on you)
Girl: Oh, shut up!

6. C: I'm so sleepy I could sleep standing up
M: Are you a horse?

7. "If you say anything else I will burn your nosehair with this candle"

8. M: Ok, for the last time... bye!
(And everyone is still standing there talking)

9. A bunch of 19 year olds to the security guard who caught them hanging around after curfew. N was the selected spokesperson.
N: See, it's his birthday today... look at all the presents he got. M, show him your identity card.
M actually takes out his identity card and the security guard actually looks at it. The 19 year olds were let off without any further incident.

10. The sound of a pair of Garfield slippers shuffling is heard along the corridor. It stops, there's a slight knock, and a bleary eyed girl holding a mug and her math book enters and says "This is my 17th cup of coffee"

11. A group of people are seated in a circle in the basketball court with lanterns surrounding them, playing truth or dare.
MK: V, are you in love right now?
V: (Barely heard because his voice was so soft)Yes
And everyone starts making a lot of noise

12. M: Look at her curled up like a snail. For gods sake, get her a jacket.


  1. Isn't it funny...the things we remember so many years later.

    I can remember going to a cabin in the woods to drink ourselves silly. We'd put all the car keys in a bowl of water, then freeze the bowl. Nobody could drink until the water was frozen, to avoid any dumb mistakes like driving while we were drunk silly.

    So we did that one time, and once the bowl had been frozen, we realized that we didn't have any charcoal for the bbq. The nearest store was 2 miles away and we had to walk.


  2. I was scrolling down as I was reading this and I read: Cows come and cows go, but Jesus loves me. Took me a moment to realise what I'd done wrong. Silly me.

  3. Travis: That's true. Yay for good memories. And thanks for sharing your fun time story. It's very cute :)

    Orhan: Yeah, that would have been real weird, in a disconnected kind of way. But it is funny and can be used to make people laugh... I think you should use it once in awhile just for the shock value. It's a nice feeling making people go "huh?" ;)

  4. "f you say anything else I will burn your nose hair with this candle"

    lol, I loved this on the most, classic, I'm totally going to use this one sometime

  5. Part of what is so great about remmeber those sorts of lines is that they bring back the whole scene for you.

  6. kartik: hahaha... and then you can share the story with us :)

    citizen: yes, they do... without fail all the time :)

  7. Ah ... student life.

    At times i so wanted to go back to university but i know it wont be the same. I have grown up too much to be as flippant and carefree as that

  8. I know what you mean. All those crazy days were over the moment we stepped into the real world and discovered the meaning of cynicism


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