Sunday, October 22, 2006


Due to the never exhaustive supply of tags flying around in the blogosphere, I find myself once again succumbing to the pulls of the TAG. I expect that I'm a million light years behind everyone else for this tag, but what the hell...

Silversabre tagged me

1. 5 things I would do if I were a millionaire.

1. Build a gargantuan library (fiction only!) with all the cool titles in the world :D
2. Get a self sufficient house - using minimal resources, environmentally friendly, with a large garden that can sustain birds, and insects and frogs (as long as they don't get inside the house and scare the living daylights out of me)
3. Take a long break from daily routine and go globetrotting around the world... and drop by my favourite artists concerts along the way
4. Fool around with the stock market and do some serious investing at the same time
5. The parents: they would need it

2. 5 bad habits
1. I get annoyed way too easily, resulting in me sometimes saying things I don't mean to
2. I'm awfully quiet at times (typical piscean dreamy mode), and lose track of what others are saying, laughing and talking to myself...
3. I'm a bit obsessive about certain things... it used to be Baba O'reilley, and lately it was Pippi Longstockings
4. Addiction to coffee and blogs
5. Not reading the newspapers everyday

3. 5 things I hate doing.

1. Waking up early in the morning
2. Being the mediator between friends who've had a falling out (Not nice at all!)
3. Going for a group lunch which has AW as part of the group
4. Leaving a great book unfinished just because there are other 'ahem' more important things to do
5. Being dragged into horibbly boring conversations

4. 5 things I would never do.

1. Get involved with drugs
2. Go on a slow sailboat (I did it once and I was dizzy the whole day!)
3. Swim (be it in a swimming pool, or the open sea unless by some miraculous way I suddenly am able to float and swim without any problems)
4. Lose contact with friends on purpose
5. Be in a relationship just because I don't want to be alone

5. 5 Things you regret
1. Not being able to learn any musical instrument(s)
2. Not being confident enough in things I do (insecurity issues)
3. Not finding time to travel much
4. Not doing certain things I should have done
5. Saving this space for the future

6. 5 favorite toys or things.

1. My books
2. My MP3s
3. My car. It's tiny, causes problems at times, but I still love it
4. The little toys in the cabinet - presents from friends through all the years
5. My favourite skirt

7. 5 people I choose to do this.
Anyone else that reads this and hasn't already done it :D


  1. We hate the same things. HAHA! :p

    I added you to my links already. We're proper bloggerfriends now. Woohoo! c",)

  2. hey there :)

    i love this meme, besides showing the world a bit about me, it also got me thinking about wat it was that was really important to me, sorta a self exploratory exercise :)

    And well done catching up :)

    How was ur Diwali?


  3. 3. Swim (be it in a swimming pool, or the open sea unless by some miraculous way I suddenly am able to float and swim without any problems

    Most women, because of the extra body fat , can in fact float.

    Give it a try, you may be amazed

  4. irene: amazing isn't it? hating the same stuff despite being separated by the oceans ;)

    Cheers to being bloggerfriends!

    silversabre: yeah... i agree. I had to do some deep thinking when answering the questions.

    Diwali was alright, there's not much to do when you're in your mid twenties, except visiting relatives, and eating, drinking and being merry :) How was yours?

    jake: thanks... i've heard about the body fat = ability to float thing... and trust me i've tried, and I sink like a stone. Maybe it's got sthg to do with technique :)

  5. Mine was good, unfortunately cape town is not Hindu central (like Durban is) so there are no major fireworks happening and no one really does the giving out of eats..well maybe they do, but thats in a different area, and im pretty new to this city so I havent found it yet :)

    It was pretty quiet, but my mom was here so I had a blast :)


  6. Hi,
    interesting read!


  7. I enjoyed this chance to learn more about you, terra, but I'm memed out!

  8. *waving* I hope I get to be one of your favorite artists! I love meeting people from the blogosphere in person, although I haven't gotten to meet many.

    I'm already planning to do an international book tour just so I have excuses to visit y'all. Just as soon as I get a book deal, that is...


  9. silversabre: i see... back to the normal grind of daily life, now :)

    enhancelife: thanks :)

    gem: i know what you mean...:) i crack my brains way too much while doing memes.

    ian: 'waves back' sure, will remember that :)


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