Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I can't help it. Pippi Longstockings has been stuck in my mind for at least the past 2 days since I saw Lorelai and Rory watch the movie. Now, I'm compelled to mention it.
I can bet on my safety shoes that if I were ever to walk into a neighbourhood video rental (does such premises exist anymore?) or even the VCD/DVD rental (never seen any thus far) and asked for Pippi Longstockings, the look on the sales clerk will be worth a million dollars (unless they themselves sat down and watched the Gilmore Girls)
Pippi Longstockings!
PS: Ran a search on Pippi Longstockings on Yahoo! and found out that it's actually a book! But DVD's can be rented... hmmm


  1. Seriously now.

    Pippi Longstockings???

    Now you've got me curious. c",)

  2. hahahahahahahaha

    I LOVE THAT SHOW! Lorelai always makes my day...

    I wish I had the season DVDs...

    I watched that episode once... don't they have the most quirky/hilariously awesome taste in movies?

  3. I remember the show, and I remember reading the book as a kid.


  4. irene: I don't blame ya for being curious... Thanks for dropping by

    alethegoodsoul: Oooohh... I love the show too, I had to wait for a long long time before they started airing season 5 here... Must get the DVD! And Pippi longstockings' DVD too!

    ian: that's nice.. i find pippi to be rather fascinating :)

  5. I've read the book but there's a film too?

  6. I've watched the movie but it was in german and soo long ago i dont remember much except for the striped stockings

  7. pugly: Apparently so...

    kartik: striped stockings.... and the big hair :)

  8. OH! OH! OH!

    Pippi Longstocking! What a coincidence! A cartoon of it used to air on TV1 or TV2 about two years ago during the Ramadhan month. My family would always break our fast to the opening credits of the cartoon EVERY DAY. I can even sing the first few lines of the song, if you want. It will be stuck in my head forever because these days, when I buka puasa that song will always come into my head.

    "What shall we do today,
    What shall we do today?

    "What shall we do today,
    What shall we doooooooo (do, do, do?)"

    I'm afraid that's all I remember :D


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