Thursday, October 12, 2006


Thanks to silversabre's obsession with the word amazing (Check out his archives, and you'll know what I mean) I have been tagged with this rather interesting meme about all things amazing... in pictures.

Here's my list in no particular order:

1. Coffee! A great way to start your day!
2. Johnny Depp - Amazing actor, talented, gorgeous and mysterious!

3. Coral reefs - To think that they're actually animals... Amazing, innit? Besides, since I'm teriffied of the ocean depths, it's even more amazing :)

4. Sunsets - Red and orange streaking across the sky - absolutely amazing (and romantic)

5. Ancient architecture - and close friends/family

6. The Aurora Borealis - Because I can't see it in the equator, where I live :(

7. Music: Need I explain more?

PS: My alignment's in a mess... but feel free to tag yourself :D


  1. mmm...cooofffeee!!

    Great selection...altho u should tag someone...I forgot to add that bit in the Meme :)


  2. Hi, Terra/Anusha

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the wonderful comment, it put me in doubt for a second if i write all those stories . sometimes i do but most of the times the voices dictate them to me.
    Its like this only can't help it.
    cheers and keep coming back!