Thursday, October 05, 2006


The haze is back,
Just our luck,
Grey skies abound,
All you can see is the ground,
And nothing above a 12 foot rack!

The forest is on fire,
Definitely not burning with desire,
I'm not sure about the peat
But if you think about the heat
It burns the quagmire

A sorethroat has come knocking,
I wear a striped red stocking
Oh! There goes the wind
The sun saying hi from behind
Adieu! I'm going spelunking

A poem to'commemorate' the arrival of haze on our doorsteps.


  1. Heheh -- nice poem :D

    The haze is AWFUL. I'm already sprouting blackheads all over my poor nose from walking out in the streets unprotected.

    Last night, I walked out to Mobil to get me some top-up for my credit, and the most horrifying scene met my eyes:

    three Malay guys simply lepaking outside Mobil in the hazy night air while smoking!!!

    As if the poison from the haze wasn't enough!!!

    *shakes head in disgust*

  2. I wear a striped red stocking
    Terra, taking this pippi longstocking thing very seriously eh? Hah
    Nice poem tough.

  3. anisah: thank you... :)
    horrid haze, and as if that's not enough, on my way back just now, I saw one of the morons in my neighbourhood burning rubbish outside their house!

    kartik: it's a temporary obsession. i'm sure it will pass. thanks :)

  4. Hi terra,
    finished posting your Graffiti Wall, and completed the linking. Ppplease chec it out. Let me know if there's any broken links etc.
    Great job on the wall, hope you had fun with it.


  5. Frank: I think that the wall is a great idea. Thanks :)

    alethegoodsoul: yeah... what the? anyway, i did a write up on haze. hope that clears things up.

    alex: lazy hazy crazy daisy?


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