Friday, October 27, 2006


It was several years ago when my then roomate casually mentioned to me that I make conclusions far too easily. Actually, I can't remember what she really said, but it was something along those lines. You see, despite us being born in the same month AND us both being pisceans, we were as different as cabbage and peas... Her feet were always firmly rooted to the ground whereas my head could often be found floating in mid air, hovering between pink clouds and orange skies, and the feet weren't so often found on the ground. At times, I'd find myself being roughly pulled down to the ground where I'd fall in a painful heap, but the clouds and the skies are worth it!
What is the connection, you may ask and rightly so... I suppose my intention is to highlight the fact that I do make rough conclusions about the things around me (mostly concerning myself) in a huff... it's interesting while things are on a roll, but it's a big time bummer when the premature conclusions start proving themselves wrong :(
The conclusion this time is: Don't research the movie you're gonna watch, you're sure bound to enjoy it!
It kind of happened twice in a row. Call it good taste, or mere desperation to catch up with movies. Any movies, for that matter.
The other day, we went to catch The Prestige. It was one of those movies where I was clueless about the cast, the story, and whatever else that are important in movies. Hugh Jackman was a really good surprise, and the storyline was unexpectedly awesome, with twists at every turn, a revelation of characters every other scene, as well as you're constantly puzzled as to who's the good guy and who's the bad one... (Naturally I'd assume that Hugh Jackman's character is the good guy - too bad he got his hands dirty!)
Oh well, the movie's really good, but I'm pretty sure that any summarisation will do it justice. And by the way, the 18+ rating for the movie is utter rubbish. Seriously. Another thing that I just remembered is that I'm the same person who once wrote that most of the good movies are in May/June and November/December. Go figure!


  1. Hi! Nice blog! Add me to ur links and let me know, i will add u, thanks :)

  2. hahahhaha

    should I conclude that I should go see that movie?

    hmmm... alright

  3. I think Hugh Jackman is motivation enough to go see the movie ;-)

  4. Terra dear!

    First time here and i like it already!
    i have heard a lot about the movie!! and after hearing about your comments, i'll definitely go watch it! not much a fan of hugh but definitely a fan of magic!!

  5. lae: hi! :)

    alethegoodsoul: yup, you may make that conclusion :D

    pugly: Hugh Jackman is scrumptious, besides, they all spoke with British accents (some were sexy whilist others weren't so) in the movie (it's something I like to hear)

    fzm: Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Fan of magic, huh? Then you'd most probably enjoy it :)


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