Thursday, October 19, 2006


It's kinda strange how when I was driving to work just now, my mind was filled with (what I assumed was cool) ideas to blog about, but now as I'm seated here waiting for working hours to start, I'm a bit, 'ahem' stumped.

Of course the ideas are still there, but they refuse to fall in place nicely... so unlike a silk curtain.
I remember though that I wanted to write about roads, because I saw one of the ladies (whom I fondly refer to as the daredevil road crossers due to their extremely mind boggling choice of location at the stretch of the road they cross - boy wasn't that a mouthful!) buying nasi lemak off the road side nasi lemak lady.

So there are these 3 ladies whom I see crossing the very dangerous stretch of road just outside my neighbourhood. Trust me, I know that there is a less dangerous spot for them to cross. I was a pedestrian too!

The ladies are fond of huddling at the side of the road that converges from an unofficial 2 lane road to a single lane road. The road is unbeliavably busy, as certain areas are public transport unfriendly. The fact that 2 developing highways at the opposite ends of the road doesn't help much either. Personally, I think that they should give the bus stop area a chance when crossing the road. It's much safer. Really.

The 2nd issue

It's only a few days more before we celebrate 2 major festivals back to back... and I'm excited more so because the customers of the industry I'm in chooses this time to shut down the plants, give them a new coat of sparkling colours, while the overworked folks who are the suppliers (i.e: us) get a shared break too! 1 week! Woo hoo!

I got to thinking about the activities that I might pursue during the said break. A good vacation may not be a good idea this late. Most places are definitely fully booked. Bummer. Maybe I'll contemplate on the topic of the most ambitious project I might or might not undertake.

Most probably I'd be headed to Kl and go window shopping, drop by the bookstores and get a few I've been looking for...enjoy the slow ride via train. Last year the newspapers headlined that KL looked more like a foreign place with loads of people from our very large and kinda scary next door neighbours.I suppose I'll be doing my part as a local by injecting some local flavour into the capital city when it needs it the most :D

Full of maybe's and probabilities, huh?

I guess that's it...

Anyway, I would like to wish Happy Diwali/Deepavali to all who celebrate. Have a rockin good time. Ahem.

And selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, or Eid as it's known to some... Have a rockin good time too!


  1. diwali... aargh, im going crazy thinking about it, i have this unbelievable urge to shop even though i actually have no money to shop with

  2. Time to shop, man...

    Besides, it's only once every year :D

  3. Happy Diwali, Anusha! :-)

    See ya in a week's time.

  4. Anusha..hmm is that a hindi or an islamic South Africa we dont seem to have such cool names anymore.

    Happy Diwali! And happy Eid too :)


  5. Anusha : Beautiful morning, a star

    Google is your friend!


    Happy Diwali.

  6. pugly: thanks, and Selamat Hari Raya to you! :)

    silversabre: Thanks for the definition :) I knew abt the star part but not the beautiful morning. Apparently I'm not very google friendly...

    Happy Diwali!

  7. alethegoodsoul20/10/2006, 10:48

    jaayyyy wallkinnnggg


    I do it all the time...


  8. alethegoodsoul: I love jay walking too... as long as there's a walkway, and the weather's nice!

    kartik: same to you!


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