Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I thought that it would be nice if i could write a nice, scary story that'll give the bravest person the creeps... instead I chose to select a few stories I've heard throughout these years. Are they true, or made up from the remnants of over active imagination? No one knows... (insert scary music here)

Fact is I wanted to do a halloween decor for my blog. Alas, my knowledge on HTML is not good enough to do some tweaking to the template... Enjoy!

1. Aminah
Location: Selangor, Malaysia
Aminah is the name we fondly gave to our resident workplace ghost. No one has ever gone near enough to know if it's a woman or man. We suspect she's a female due to her long and black flowy hair. She haunts the utility room and comes out after 7pm and scares the people who go up to the 2nd floor.

2. The toilet ghost
Location: A toilet in a girl's secondary school
The middle mirror of this toilet is broken. Legends tell us that girls who have looked into the mirror end up seeing a face which is not their own (that is before one smart person broke the mirror) Another tale tells of girl going into the toilet stall, but takes forever in there, and when you look underneath, there'll be no legs.

3. The page turner
Location: A girls dorm room in a university in KL
Two girls share a room, and one studies during the day, and another studies at night. So, one night when girl A was studying, and girl B was sleeping, girl B heard the sound of pages being feverishly turned. She opened her eyes and saw a ghost wildly turning the pages of her book on her desk, and another ghost looking at her by the side of her bed

4. The screaming figure
Location: A boys toilet in a school in Ipoh, Perak
Apparently, there's a figure drawn on the floor of the toilet in this school. And if your pour lime juice over the drawn part of the body, it gives a scream. I really hope that this is a joke...

5. The kiasu ghost
Location: Girls dormitory block, 2nd floor, at a varsity in Johore
There was once a student who performed well at school, but when he (the block was formerly a boy's block) started studying in varsity, he didn't get a perfect score of 4.0 for his CGPA and therefore killed himself in the room. He apparently haunts the room, and does not allow the new students who inhabit the room to move his ex-furniture around (the furniture actually belongs to the university)

6. Household noises
Location: A house in Taiping, Perak (my mom's maiden house)
The house is quite large and set in a slightly isolated area. When mom and the grandparents slept at night, they used to hear sounds of people washing clothes, children playing, etc.

7. Help me!
Location: Unknown
This is a story of a boy in another big 3 story house. They usually have the top floor rooms empty because the family is quite small, and no one wants to rent those rooms. However, one night, they had a function in the house, and all the relatives slept over (this was in the 60's) and this poor boy was sent to sleep upstairs. While he was sleeping, he was woken up by a little boy tied in chains who was begging him to help him get free.


  1. Page turner sounds scary, man i wouldn't like that happening to me

  2. Ghosts in Malaysia? I thought you guys were too busy with your html programming!

    Good stories, every culture seems to have their share of ghosty stories that live on for generations.

  3. NaNoWriMo Day 1 - so have you decided yet what your story is going to be about? A ghostie one, perhaps? :-)

    Whatever it is, it's bound to be a `page turner'!

  4. kartik: you bet. I'd most probably die of fright if I ever saw it. :)

    maritza: oh yeah, we have lots of them, and as you say, html people too. But I'm not one of them :)

    pugly: it was quite alright... i'm gonna let the ideas flow while it's still there. By the way, i've added you as my writing buddy, my id profile is anusha


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