Monday, October 30, 2006


I got tagged by Silversabre where I'm supposed to list down 9 weird things about myself...

1. My (real) middle name:
The parents were not just happy giving me a first name, but they had to have a middle name for me too. This name was the butt of numerous jokes and caused some confusion when it came to ethnicity (there are tonnes of different ethnicities here in Malaysia, therefore everyone's curious about a person's particular ethnicity)The weird part is now, when I'm all grown up and people have stopped making fun of my name, I'm starting to quite like it :)

2. Where do I go from here?
My sense of direction sucks big time, even in my own hometown. It gets worse when there are roundabouts....

3. Reading:
When I was about 9, my parents got me a second hand encyclopaedia (20 volumes) and I sat down and read almost all the entries (except the long winded ones about wars) for the next few years.. In the end, I ended up walking around with all these trivia in my head. Some close friends thought that was weird.

4. Rapunzel's braid
My hair used to be rather straight when I was in secondary school. Then I chopped it off and opted for a short do for a few years. Now that I'm growing it out again, it's not straight anymore

5. On fruit
I don't eat fruits, except for watermelons. I can't stand the smell of certain fruits, and the taste of many others. Sometimes, I run away from the place where everyone else is having fruit. A lot of family members think this as weird as they all eat fruits all the time.

6. Language barrier
I grew up speaking English as a first language at home, then started on the Malaysian language in preschool. Somehow, I rarely heard people speaking in my mother tongue, and never caught up with it. In school, I enrolled for class, and managed to remember all the flowly lines that form the writing, but I still couldn't speak the language properly. I still can't and when I actually do speak the language to one or two people... I end up speaking really slowly with an English accent, but I can read the words and don't know what they mean. Bummer!

7. Memory charms
My memory works in a weird way. I remember most people's birthdays, I remember bits and pieces of conversations, what they wore the last time I saw them,and other rather unnerving things. I also used to remember telephone numbers until I got my cellphone. On the other hand, I am capable of totally forgetting to do certain important things like passing on a phone message. I hereby remind myself to post a scary story tommorow to commemorate Halloween!

8. Water works
I can't drink water from a red bottle, the bottle has to be either white, blue or green. I had a red bottle once, and I used to bring it to work and back again completely filled with water.

9. Work Station mess
I prefer working on a messy work table. Contrary to popular belief, I get more work done at a shorter time that way, and I'm always more enthusiastic. Unfortunately, this habit does not conform with the 5S system we are currently using at work :(

Errr.... I shall tag everyone who reads this (insert evil grin here)


  1. So you gave fruition to the the term "walking encyclopedia". Haha! Enjoyed you list! c",)

  2. Sort of... the classmates called me walking dictionary for the same reasons.

    I enjoyed your list too :)

  3. Hey, terra. You didn't tell us what your middle name is. In fact, I don't know your real first name. You are a very private person, no? I enjoyed this chance to learn more about you, but I won't send you a pineapple--not even on your birthday.

  4. Hi there! Welcome to my new blog, lets exchange links let me know, if u are agree, thanks :)

  5. You know, they say selective memory is a mark of genius. :-)

  6. you're not too bad, i cant drink brown water from any coloured bottle.

  7. gem: Yeah, I didn't include my middle name in the post, but I don't necessarily call it being private... I'd like to think of it as being 'ahem' anonymous.

    I really appreciate the no pineapple gesture, though :D

    lizza: how interesting ;)

    How I wish that I could actually choose what I want to remember, like asking back for borrowed stuff

    kartik: brown water as in dirty pipe water? we get that here too. Thank goodness for all the filters! :)

  8. I too have a poor sense of direction and selective memory. It didn't occur to me when I was writing my post. That way I would have completed the list of 10 weird things. Which is what i had intended it to be.


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