Saturday, October 07, 2006


Yo peeps! Got tagged for this meme by the wielder of the argentum sword

1) What is the best thing about my workplace?
Errr... I suppose it's the fact that we get a lot of free food for every great accomplishment (just had one fantastic free dinner last night!), plus the friendliness of all the staff is rather heartwarming :)

2) What do I hate about my workplace?
Hate is a pretty strong word... but I could say that it is abominable that we are 'forced' to work late and taking your own designated annual leave is frowned upon. Apparently it's (insert country's name)'s working culture that they have imposed on us just because they are shareholders!

I also can't stand the departmentalised mentality the different departments have. We work in the same company for crying out loud!

3) What small irritants at my workplace really annoys me?
a.Lots.... the extreme cold in the office vs the extreme heat at the factory floor where I spend most of the working day (which strangely makes the bathrooms the only comfortable place to be in )
b. The 'exercise music' in the mornings. Why can't they get a better tune?
c. The smell of solvents wafting around the factory. Got used to it by now, though...

4) Describe the actions/quirks of the weirdest person I work with (can be a co-worker, employer, or a vendor if you are self employed):
There's this chemist at work who is extremely fond of theorising and making deductions on observations... it's not the act but the way he does it. Refer to this post for the full story.

5) What is one thing that I would change at my workplace to make life a helluva lot better?
More trees please!

6) Pick five songs that I'd like played at my funeral......

Que? 5 songs only?
1. The Who - Baba O'reilley
2. Travis - Driftwood
3. Eagle Eye Cherry - Are you still having fun
4. U2 - Stuck in a Moment
5. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
PS: I wouldn't mind if my whole playlist was played at my funeral ;)

Now I tag: Lizza, Ian, Pugly, Prometheus, and Kartik


  1. So I've got the last question answered already. ;-) I work at home, so I guess my answers won't be as interesting as yours...but I'll give it a shot.

    I hope the smell of solvents and the extreme temperature don't wreak havoc with your health!

    Thanks, Terra. Have a good weekend.

  2. Ouch. first thanks for the tag. But this puts me in a bit of a spot cos technically i dont have any workplace. I'll try replace that with whatever comes closest. Check back in a day or two, i'll have to think about this one.

  3. Mine is up at last! Thanks for the poke, Terra!


  4. Hmmm ... dangerous territory ... I wonder if I should be doing this meme ... :-)

    Thou shalt never blog about work! Just in case ;-P

  5. Lizza: Yeah, saw your answers the other day... somehow the eraserheads sound pretty familiar...

    kartik: ouch, eh? sorry, i didn't check earlier...

    ian: checked it out...

    pugly: you're right, treading on dangerous ground here...

  6. Hi Terra, my answers are up! Many thanks for asking me to play. :-)

  7. I chose "Bohemian Rhapsody" as one of my tomb tune picks as well. Rock on! c",)

  8. lizza: thanks for playing... :)

    irene: yeah!!! bohemian rhapsody is an uber cool song :D


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