Friday, July 28, 2006

Who would it be?

Cousin Archsh sent this to me through SMS the other day:

'If you were to kill 1 person and walk away free from the claws of law n punishment..Who would it be & why? Reply is a must.. Pass it on and see..Someone might be aiming you!'

Before I answer, I must add that my eyes caught this - claws of law. Notice how the word law nests right in the middle of claws? There's just something about it....

So, right after marvelling at claws of law (geekiness shining through!), I hit the reply button, but I couldn't find 1 person whom I'd want to finish off. Not at the moment anyway. No one deserves the top spot... It's all tied between several people, groups and associations, and other people, those who are long dead, and those whom I wanted to (ahem) kill sometime back, but don't need to anymore, because they have ceased being annoying.... In the end I didn't answer the SMS

But... nevertheless, I could have a list, couldn't I?

1. The person who came up with the idea of long winded, high tension meetings that make your fingers freeze with the chill of the air cond, and your voice tremble as you're trying to explain things out. I'm pretty sure that the original idea for a meeting was to solve problems because of the so called saying of 'two heads (or many, for that matter) are better than one'... but when the meetings are held in a manner of interrogating (for hours and hours and hours... -tired), and other members are falling asleep (or yawning like crazy) then something must be severely wrong.

2. Photo grabbing nutters on Friendster. (Yes, it is an invasion of privacy... but do they deserve to meet such a bad ending? I'm kind of undecided, but based on my mood as I'm typing this, the answer is yes.

3. Miss Annoying Blamer (a newly created pseudonym) - I wanted to 'bash her up' somewhere in mid June. But when i say 'bash someone up' it could mean things which are more serious. Problem is, i don't feel that way anymore.

4. If I could get rid of this person for my sister's sake, we'd both be happier people... can't say much, but I'm sure she knows who I'm referring to!

5. The person who invented/introduced skinny fit jeans to the general public. How dare you?

6. hoever-way ho-way ontrols-cay the rice-pay of mported-ipay ooks-bay.

7. The mixed group of other cold bloodedmurderers, rapists, snatch thieves, pheadophiles (spelling? I need to find my dictionary!)

Am I gonna get in trouble for this?


  1. oh my god, that would be so easy for me!



    you know what? I think that question (and my answer) has formed new ideas for a brand new blog entry ;D

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog, and that really nice comment!

    I'm going to link you up! Hope you do the same for me, too!

  2. Awww Ani beat me to top spot!! :)

    Whoever came up with the concept of war in the first place gets my top spot. Georgie Bush is a close second.

    Followed by all terrorists, the lot of them should be burnt at the stake.


  3. Anisah and SS,

    Since both of you have got rather similar thoughts, I might as well address you both together :)

    I suppose loads of people would have GWB in their list... but don't you have someone more personal to finish off? Someone who has been a constant pain in the neck? Someone who makes your life living hell every day of the week?


  4. Hi Anisah....

    That's a cute one!

  5. Here are some links that I believe will be interested

  6. hoever-way ho-way ontrols-cay the rice-pay of mported-ipay ooks-bay

    I thought I was going blind when I read this.


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