Friday, July 21, 2006

The not such a big deal of a wishlist

Came up with these some time back... so it's not really impulsive, at the moment blogging. However, it's also not really edited to perfection (though i'd prefer to think that nothing is perfect) either.
1. Stripes, blood and fever
Morbid? Maybe...
The aedes mosquitos visit the house on a daily basis, and fly around as well as annoy some folks who cross their paths... some get murdered in cold blood, whereas others are allowed to fly around rather peacefully. Anyway, if you collect the blood they've cumulatively sucked out my blood vessels, I'm sure it would give Dracula a run for his money. Unfortunately, the dengue fever has avoided me thus far... It's not like I'm wishing for the hemorragic dengue, just the plain old one would suffice. A few days away fom the mundane routine would do me good.
2. Paranoia and the family
Well, almost everyone at home (unfortunately I'm also included in this statistic, therefore the correct way to put it should be: Well, everyone at home) has the biggest fears of 'something bad happened' whenever somebody is back late or is going somewhere alone (the degree of paranoia, however differs quite remarkably)
Reality check: Yeah, it's a bad world out there, but it does not mean that we (as in your children, nieces, nephews, etc) will be the victims. Have some faith!!
3. The quaggas will run again
When I was a kid and learning my ABC's Q always stood for quagga, a zebralike animal that is now extinct (somewhat tragic I know... when I first heard about their extinction, I felt a kind of pain that cannot be explained) It's kind of weird that you don't really hear about the quaggas being extinct and all, not as much as the dodo. I mean you don't really hear people saying 'dead as a quagga' (as opposed to 'dead as a dodo' ) And if we're not careful, someday E will not stand for elephants, and neither will T stand for Tigers. And so the future history teachers will say... "we had some pretty dumb ancestors who couldn't share their planet with the wild animals, and then they all died out one by one, and we end up living in a fake world with fake animals as pets and zoo exhibits"
Check this: science Africa: quagga
Err... that's it for the moment. Should it be longer? Something to think about... :)

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