Sunday, July 16, 2006

Neglected engineers?

A new self professed tv addict makes a discovery while watching Judging Amy on a warm Saturday afternoon. The tv addict finds the show to be a source of entertainment. "It's awesome watching a youngish lady judge in action" (She means to say, action in court, although there's really not much action going on... but her handling of obnoxious lawyers is to be commended - though it's all in the script)
Anyway, the self professed tv addict (everyone's a self professed this or that these days - (rolls eyes)) begin to let her mind wander during the commercial break (if the advertisers thought that people actually watch commercials, they've not fully considered the effects of the remote control in the viewers hands... commercials? you gotta be kidding!)[The tv addict however, claims to be rather interested in 'wholesome' commercials such as those produced by local ex-government but now privatised utility and oil companies for festivals and thinks that some commercials are ok to watch]
The wandering of the tv addict's mind didn't go too far... it remained within tv shows that she's either following, has followed at some time or another, or just heard off in her non tv addict days. She noticed that besides this ultra cool show a bout a coll judge, there are shows about lawyers (The Practice, Law and Order). doctors (ER, House, grey's anatomy), cops and detectives (CSI, NYPD Blue, X-files?), teachers (Boston Public), kick ass female CIA agent (Alias), housewives (Desperate Housewives), a criminal, doctor, rocker, painter/carpenter/artist, useless git, box company guy, ex soldier (Lost).... something's missing, though.... hey where are the ENGINEERS?
The tv addict is quite sure that her fellow engineer friends (tv addicts or otherwise, as well as ex engineers or non practicing but those who killed thousands of braincells during the years of getting educated type of engineers) will agree with her that engineers have been left out from the celluloid world... their existence on tv is merely as the tech guy behind some other expertise or in non entertainment shows such as documentaries in Discovery Channel or NGC...


  1. I know!

    I totally agree!!

    They totally discard the engineers!

    I think that's why I get so excited when someone mentions engineering or an engineer in movies and TV. It's so rare. The flutter of excitement. No one but an engineer can understand.

    Thing is... you know you've done a good job as an engineer when they don't call you. They only call you when they have a problem. Maybe it's the same for portrayal of engineers on TV. You don't think of them until there's a problem. Hm...

  2. I guess we'll just have to be happy being the techie person for the time being then... :)

  3. anusha,

    Enjoyed your post on engineers. I have always wondered why I changed majors in school from engineering to business. This must have been the reason.

    Got to your blog through Bobbys. If you would like to exchange links with my blog, please let me know.

    C. Oxford

  4. You forgot the wandering unemployed (Supernatural, Doraemon) :-)

    I love House's wit & delicious sarcasm.


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