Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A letter to the band that I like

Dear band that I like,

Last month, someone told me that you'll be having a concert, right here in this country. I was elated.

It took me awhile to realise that besides the news from my friend who ended the discussion with 'see you there!', there was no news about your impending arrival and concert. No ticket giveaways on the local radio station, nor any news at all. (Of course in all this time, I did not try your official website - if you have one)

Anyway, some internet time led me to a discovery... You, the band that I like were having a concert in our neighbouring country. A tiny dot of land, with high rise buildings. No harm in that, but it only means one thing: you will not be performing here.

Of course there's no harm performing there, the people there have a superb deragatory term for people of your descent. And they are obssessively clean in their own country, but once across the border, they start throwing hazardous materials out of their car windows. There's one here too, but not too much of a bad thing though... one of our ancient freedom fighters went around with the same name too.

I'm truly saddened by the fact that you will not be visiting our waters... the long gone days of DMSK who managed to bring in some cool performers are ahem well.. long gone. Maybe that's why nobody called you to perform here... they couldn't care enough to entertain the young people here with a cool band that makes good music.

Well, maybe someday I'll see you perform. Till then, rock on, baby!

Your fan

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