Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An unsuccessful (and lame) attempt at matchmaking

There was a time quite a long time ago where I read this book that had this character who was about to get wet in the rain when her parasol (now commonly known as an umbrella) opened the other way and she was rescued by a dashing young man who held his umbrella for her so that
she wouldn't get wet. How romantic!

(you should be able to guess by now that they fell in love after that)

Now, that's the kind of incident I refer to as the 'thunder lightning' effect... the 'thing' that tells you
it's a sign! This following (very true) story however, involves a character who used to scoff at me
for bringing up this thunder lighting theory. Just so you all know, back then I used to tease her
with this 1 person (because I had nothing better to do, and enjoyed her reaction towards the issue)

Anyway, several years back on a somewhat blustery evening, some of us were forced to go for a 3 hour class... the subject had not much hope, and there was a test the next day, therefore, we did what most normal people did... leave the class during the 10 minute break with the intention to go back and study...

As I said, it was blustery, and there was a need for the use of umbrellas. Mine worked fine, but
hers opened the wrong way, thanks to the strong gusts of wind blowing. As she turned I saw a rather strange expression cross her face, and turned to look at what she was looking. It was the guy whom I teased her with! Now, tell me... isn't that a sign?

Unfortunately, he did not have an umbrella with him, and asked us to join him for tea instead. Throughout the tea (which was actually syrup, as that is all the canteen lady had at that time), I was staring at the rain pouring in buckets, grinning to myself like an idiot at this sudden turn of events... (what are the odds of having evening classes at the same time in the more senior years and then it rains, and the umbrella (hers) stops functioning)

Oh yeah, they both thought I had lost it... Well, to be honest, both she and I knew it. I somewhat think he guessed something was up, but couldn't exactly put his finger on it.


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