Sunday, July 30, 2006

A review of THE Social Event of the year for a bunch of involuntary workaholics

Edit: The preposterous spelling - socila (instead of social), and some other things which make this post one of the most incomplete I've ever done...
It's 1 something on a Sunday morning, and I'm doing the cheat blogging method... the eyes are too tired to face the computer, so here I am, on the floor, writing this out in an old notebook. (Tomorrow as I sit and type this out, I know that I'm gonna curse myself - update Not Yet - meaning I haven't began cursing myself just yet)
Clothes maketh the man... NOT
With a theme like 'celebrity night', clothes were definately something to look forward to. Especially since most of us are decked in a light brown shirt, dark brown pants, safety boots (which used to weigh a tonne but miraculously don't anymore) and an off white baseball cap on our work days (and nights).
The clothes were alright, though.... (The ones used in the function)
Of course there was no direct imitation of any real celebrity save for a few guys who donned RnB type costumes... (think of Baby Face and you should get the idea). The ladies were mostly in dresses, and skirts and blouses/tops.... maybe the dresses could be worn on the Red Carpet? Hmmmmmmmm
There was a skinny Frodo too!
But yeah, it was a nice change checking out what everyone wore (and also what they looked like with a little extra effort!)
The usual fare of an 8 (or was it 10?) course Chinese dinner, but honestly I don't think that it's that great of a choice for several reasons
a) Shark fin soup
For years I've heard the horror stories of the cruelty done to the poor sharks in order to get the fin. They catch a shark, chop off the fins and chuck the poor fella back into the ocean. (Need to verify the facts though....) So while eating this part of the meal, I was thinking of the shark carcass that gave away its fin so that I could eat... (when there are so many other things to eat out there) - Confirmed with Wikipedia, the act is known as finning
b)Most of the functions of this sort have rather similar menus (Our dept had one 8 course dinner in February/March of this year, and it has only been a few months since). It would be great tro try something new... for instance ant eggs and cactus (something a friend once had the opportunity to try)
Or perhaps pasta, or salad, turkey (it's not very popular around here, except during Christmas), Japanese food?
c) I don't know. Ha! Ha! Ha!
P/S: Don't get me wrong. I dig Chinese food. Only thing is I prefer the roadside hawker's Char Kuey Teow... it's got so much more character!
Our MC and her troop of fellow entertainers were... um, nice? (Loud, and too boisterous if you ask me) The song selection was not too bad either, though rather reminiscent of 70's disco.. (Not that' I've been to any disco parties in the 70's, hehehe wasn't even born then :) Anyway, yeah... the music was good. [The first dance performance was err... jaw dropping. Seriously.]
Some other people, on the other hand (not paid to entertain) did their own personal entertaining. One stood up and started singing a song. Another one went forward and sang to the singer herself... Hats off to the brave souls :)
A secret revealed
This was the highlight of the day... a top secret relationship between 2 people was made public in front of all the staff, announced by the friends of one of the persons involved in the relationship (maybe he didn't want it to be a secret anymore). However, the girl looked so pallid (and I'm sure she wished that the floor would swallow her up) The whole thing was made worse when she was asked to sing with the singer and dedicate it to the guy.
And that is the review of the social event that everyone looked forward to for the last couple of months or so.


  1. Eheheh ... you poor thing - sounds excruciating! :-P Sometimes I wonder myself what is the big deal with these office annual dinner ...

  2. Yikes... did I make it sound that teribble? Hehehe... It's a pretty big deal here (I suspect mainly because of the lucky draw - failed to mention it in the post).

    When they had it 2 years ago (I hadn't joined this place then) ppl were still talking about it in October although it was held at the end of July...

    Oh! The little joys in life :)

  3. hehe, my company went paintballing on saturday :) hehehe its so fun getting to shoot your managers :)

  4. Yep, I just got back to blogging after a break. Feels good to have made some academic progress :)

    Hoping to write and read few blog entries! --Vijay.


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