Saturday, July 08, 2006

Depiction of Gore

Someone I know had both legs broken yesterday, in what most people would call a freak accident. One leg was bleeding while the other wasn't. Both legs had to undergo surgery last night itself. Most probably they were shattered by the impact the monster (reach) truck had on them. I didn't see the incident, nor the victim, lying limply on the floor in agonising pain. Neither did I see the person who caused it, holding onto a fence nearby, looking in horror, stunned at what had happened.
But the picture of the incident keeps playing in my never ending cycles, even as I'm typing this. It was playing all through the night. My attempt to forget it by watching a movie did not help either. (The only movie that was on was a bunch of young people versus a stalker killer kind... of course it didn't help)
It's such a horrible thing to have playing in the mind. I wonder how the people who actually saw the incident are feeling...

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