Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bali - The finale

Now we have come to the end of the Bali adventure (I choose the word adventure, although it may not be altogether appropriate... none of us were huddled in an emergency camp for surviving bomb victims, and neither were we stranded anywhere without knowing the language, or forced to jump off a ship to save ourselves from a sinking ship...)
A fine day for travel was how the last day was. It also involved a lot of picture taking... including that of the place we lived in... imagine checking out the pool in the hotel on the last day (after packing, and before checking out)
We had another nice long drive to the hills... to visit yet another temple (this one was on a lake) and it had a mosque and a Buddhist shrine around the area... the place was supposedly cooler than the rest of the island.
Next was a visit to the tanah lot temple located near the sea... part of the temple gets submeged under water during high tide, and the waves that hit the shore were indeed threateningly scary (so says the hydrophobic ;)) [most people go there to check out the sunset, which we didn't have the chance to do considering our remarkably short time span there], nevertheless, the pictures from the area are can be made into pretty cool postcard pieces. The surrounding area had tonnes of tourist type shops... and we did some shopping here as well, though the prices here were comparatively much cheaper than that at Ubud...
Lunch: bakso (something like chicken ball soup... i think) and drinks were chosen based on the adventurer's individual tastes.
Another long ride later (towards the town centre... and very, very near the airport) we were dropped off at a spa for some relaxation... (I, sadly, never got the hang of being totally relaxed and was tensed up for reasons I cannot completely fathom) and later on to get to the airport for our journey back... it was sad in a way, knowing that the thing that kept you going, the thing that allowed you to take everything bad that life threw at you with a smile had finally come to an end.
Well, just to complete the story, I shall add that we got on the plane (which was abt 1/2 hour late), flew through some turbulence (cool!), and landed safely and happily in Malaysia.
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I guess i have actually finally concluded the trip... in a rather lengthy, many post system... Gotta go do somehing else which i've put on hold for about 6 months now


  1. Hi Anusha! I finally made my way to your blog and it's rather wonderful! Bali sounds amazing! I'd love to check it out someday.
    I was planning on visiting Malaysia in the fall; alas, it's been cancelled. Perhaps someday, I'll make my way to Malaysia as well.

  2. Hi Sabila...
    Thanks for dropping by :) Yeah, Bali was amazing (all vacations are, anyway)


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