Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Days like these...

Sometimes, you wish you could just disappear into a corner and not do anything until a brand new day arrives.
If you want to start on a story, you might as well begin at the beginning, but here the problem lies... where on earth is the beginning? Is it the day they built roads, or the days I encountered the potholes, or was it the day mankind decided they need to work for a living?
Hard to say... but beginning the story from yesterday should be sufficient. Besides, the yesterday I plan to talk about was only about 4 hours away from what we would all be calling today. I suppose I could say that it began yesterday, circa 8 pm, when the car I was driving to get back home started wobbling uncontrollably (you want to keep your wheel straight, but the fella decides to swerve to the left) Combine that with the driver with a rather wild imagination who at that particular time (or just before) was lamenting about the rather tasteless music that was playing on the one and only radio station she listens to and you get a very, very frightened person behind the wheels of a car that could think on it's own (though not sensibly)
Now we enter the day I plan to complain about....
Car is confimed by dad to be wobbly - needs to get sent to the mechanic, but I end up going to work anyway... Dad thinks that the car may be repaired within 1/2 day and the plan is he'll send the car to work during lunch break, and I'll give him a ride back... fair enough. As I drive the car begins wobbling rather dramatically - even worse than the night before. So back to the shop it goes... there we find out that the problem may be something more sinister... kind of, anyway.
Ended up going back to work much later after the official lunch break... and there are other types of problems awaiting...
A bloody product refuses to behave itself. The tyrant is unhelpable, and I felt so bloody helpless... lost and annoyed. And in the process of being a tyrant, the said product also decides to attack my shoes... and it was all soggy and yukky with material that will never be removed by water, my one side of the shoe will forever be shiny, whereas the other side will remain dull black....
Some things were solved, like I finally managed to tame the bad behaving product... (that's why I got revenged) and the car finally moves gracefully once again.... but the shoe, and 1 pant leg will always remind me of this day


  1. Just one of those bad days that seem as if the whole world is conspiring against us.

    Next time, maybe you can bring a whip to help tame any upcoming misbehaving product :-)

  2. Yup... I feel that the month of July is a co-conspirator too... :)

    Thanks for the whip suggestion though... now I have to go look for one..

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