Monday, July 24, 2006

Attention seeker...

In the middle of the room amidst a family conversation suddenly a pair of glasses slid across the floor in a rather abnormal speed... This was right across the dressing table. Upon closer inspection of the pair of glasses which had now stopped moving, we saw that it had a fingerprint on it... not a smudge, but one that was quite obvious. In the moment of confusion, she decided to appear in front of us...

Let's call her the little girl that was stuck in the 80's. That's how she looked, anyway. Little girls (below the age of 7) were usually dressed in cute frilly white knee length frocks, with flower designs on them (the dress, not the girls) At least that's how I remember it.

Knowing too well that she didn't belong there, dad took her by the arm and led her out of the house. We tried to explain to her that she did not belong here and had to get home. Her own home... At the same moment, 2 motorbikes with headlights flashing, but with a rather low rumble instead of the noisy revvs, followed by a family (with a few other little girls) walked towards the little girl from our house. The father (most probably) took hold of the girl's hand and led her away with the rest of the family.

There was suddenly a bunch of cars passing our house, and the motorbikes that led the way had to stop. The little girl took the opportunity to escape from her family and ran back towards our house and disappeared. Disappointed, her family turned and moved away, only one other little girl remained behind, and she and I sort of chatted about her sister...

"yeah, she's a real attention seeker" she said

"what does she want? why doesn't she follow you all back?" I asked in return

The other kid gave a shrug and a half smile.
"I think she likes it here" she said

Oh well, that's the fourth consecutive dream about ghosts I've had. Not really frightened, but feeling a tad bit uncomfortable


  1. You need to get yourself exorcised pronto, girl :-)

  2. That's what my sister told me too... :(

  3. Hi Anusha,

    Woo, that's a little scary.

    Hey sorry, but the Malaysia spot at A World of Bloggers has already been filled, but I am happy to add your link to the sidebar in the overflow if you would like to swap links. The more the better they say.



  4. Hey anusha :)

    It is very rare for me to find a blog that really grips my attention. You have one of the most captivating writing styles I have ever come across.

    Keep it up :) Im gonna go link to you now ( is my main blog).

    Come around and have a look and if you like what you see drop me a comment k (and if you choose to link me that'll be cool too :) )

    Anyways, great blog :)



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