Wednesday, February 18, 2009


A conversation from September 2006

HK: NK, how are your eyes now?
Nan: Didn't you ask him the same question the last time you met? (May 2005)
NK: They're Ok now. But the astig(matism) is still there. How's yours?
HK: (To Nan) We underwent the same procedure, of course I have to know the latest news. (To NK) Mine's still dry.
NK: Still using the drops?
HK: Of course. I need the fake tears. I just guess there's not enough tears in my eyes.... (said in a slow, melancholic tone)

(During this conversation, the others kept quiet, not having undergone laser treatment. I wear glasses (mostly), Nan uses contact lenses, and SLL has near perfect eyesight)

So, here's what I heard - laser ops should only be done after 30, because apparently before that, your eyes are not mature enough. I'm still about a year and a bit away from that, so at the moment, I wear glasses to work (because our environment is filled with chemicals and stuff), and contact lenses when I go out with friends or family and when I know that photos might be taken. For the past year and a half, I have been using permanent soft lenses, which last for about that long and it was time to get a new pair. I suffer from very high astigmatism that doesn't allow me to wear normal daily disposables and even monthly disposables have to be pre-ordered and 6 months supply cost me 25% more than the average user pays for a year's supply, which I don't mind, but since I don't use it everyday (maybe once or twice a week), it's kind of a waste!

So, I get a call today, and guess what? They say that the permanent soft lens have been discontinued, and I could get dailies which can't be used for night vision (what if I need to drive back at night?) or monthlies. I'm opting for monthly disposables, which I suppose will see me using contacts on a more regular basis now.

Why do things like these always happen? Can't the world just be kind for once and allow Terra to have her comfortable (and affordable!) lifestyle with her permanent soft contact lenses? Sigh...


  1. Awwww....

    As a fellow speccy, I sympathise.

    And more generally, why can't anything be easy? It sometimes seems that life is conspiring to make even the small comforts difficult to achieve. What is life trying to teah us? Is life trying to build us character? I have plenty of character, life, so get lost!


  2. I just found out that my health insurance will cover the Lasik surgery.

    I've been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old and just thinking about folding them up and putting them away for good gets me all giddy inside...

  3. You know, I just started wearing glasses since the last 3 years. Just a minor 0.75 but I wear it to prevent further deterioration (and also to look at girls clearly).

    I bought lens but the problem is I never have time to wear them. I carry them in my laptop bag everyday to office thinking I'll wear them once I reach office but never have the time. It takes me really long to wear them.

    So Now, i've given up, I use them only while going for a party or something. Glasses are so more convenient.

  4. Ooh i can't wait to get my eyes lasered too! Hate depending on my glasses since i can't quite agree with contact lenses :(

  5. Hoozle: Thanks... And, yes... what exactly is life's agenda? I have a very big bone to pick there :)

    Kiyotoe: That is cool. I've been using glasses since I was 7, and totally understand the feeling. I know I'd feel giddy inside too! :)

    Rakesh: Eat carrots. But that's what I heard, early detection and remedies can get your eyesight back in shape, and yes, glasses may be convenient, but not always :)

    Sabrina: Oh, that is surely not fun. Cheers to laser!

  6. I'm so blind myself, but can't bring myself to get contacts. I just hate the thought of putting things in my eyes. For the same reason I reckon I'll never ever get laser surgery - aren't you awake when they do it and everything?? I'm very squeamish! I think I've come to terms with my glasses, as long as they're nice ones, although I would like to have the option of contacts now and then. Twice I have tried to get them and twice the opticians have told me to come back another time. Admittedly I didn't go back, so I must not really want them...

  7. I have one kid in contacts and one in glasses. I just got my first pair a couple of weeks ago, so that I can read things up close. My far vision is still perfect and no astigmatism, so I guess at 46 that's pretty lucky.

  8. Aunty: I know the feeling, I too was very apprehensive about putting something in my eyes, but it makes my bad habits so convenient (reading while lying down, for instance)

    Oh, and I didn't know about you being awake when the laser procedure is performed, but it makes sense, though... eek!

    citizen: yeah, that is pretty lucky. Astigmatism sucks big time :(

  9. Dangit! You remind me that I still need to get my eyes checked.

  10. Glad to have been of some help :D

  11. I don't even want to talk about that :(

    wishing you a wonderful weekend though :)

  12. Oh, not a problem at all... you have a great weekend too! :)

  13. I often read lying down... haven't had a problem...

  14. That's nice... mine almost always goes askew :(


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