Sunday, February 08, 2009


Just when I thought to myself to slow down a bit on the blogging front in February for the sake of quality over quantity, something happens to me that leaves me barefooted and feeling very vulnerable, which in turn forces this post to pop out uninvited. I must admit that it does leave me a little bit happy because it used to be things like these that drove me to blog in the first place!

What started to be a very normal Sunday afternoon, ceased being normal when I could not find my sneakers in the gym locker room while I was in the changing room for two minutes! I mean, it was there when I left it and when I wanted to put on the sneakers after changing, they were not there. I looked under the benches, in the locker, everywhere I could think of and they were nowhere to be found!

So there I was in the locker room, barefooted and a tad bit miserable listening to sad songs on my ipod. Thank goodness my sister was heading to the gym and I called her and she said she'd grab me something.

Looking back, I can't help but wonder what could have happened to those shoes. I don't know of the existence of any witches or wizards who can do magic, and sneakers, although used for running cannot possibly run on their own without someone to run in them! And they're big and bulky and cannot be accidentally pushed into a corner.

The only thing I can think of is that they might have been accidentally taken by someone else, but who on earth can't recognise their own shoes, and my socks were in there too! And it's not as though I use Adidas, or Nike Air or even Reebok pumps for anyone to want to pilfer them. They're very normal, non-branded shoes which are only about 5 months old and are still in good condition (because I only go to the gym twice a week) Plus, I get attached to my stuff, even shoes, especially when they treat me well, which is why I'm still using a phone which is over 3 years old and is outdated to the point where it has become something people joke about! But then if they were indeed pilfered by someone on purpose, I hope they have permanently smelly feet for the rest of their lives!


  1. Boooooo for stolen shoes!

    The best you can hope for is that whoever took them needed them more than you. Otherwise, yeah - stinkyfoot city.

  2. I just hate it when my shoes go missing. Hopefully someone realizes they mistakenly took them and brings them back to lost and found.

  3. Well, that bites. But you made me laugh with the part about standing there with sad songs playing in your head.

  4. Ian: Yeah... but still, if my sister wasn't around to help me, I would have had to walk barefooted everywhere, and would have looked like a barefoot vagrant

    Travis: I hope they realise they got the wrong pair and bring it back... it was a comfortable pair :)

    Citizen: Yeah, it was one of those moments... you kind of feel so upset, and yet you think it's funny that your shoes can go missing :)

  5. Wow, I thought this happened only in Temples.

    But sad songs for shoes???

  6. I've had better luck in temples... the sad songs were a coincidence :)

  7. Head to your nearest temple and pick up the first ones that fit!

    Wrt. the title of your post, I'm seriously impressed by your ability to write interesting posts with such regularity. Or is it my life is too boring in comparison to blog about? :D

  8. LOL! Thanks for the idea, but I doubt I will find a pair of women's sneakers at the temple. Besides, I'm a bit icky about wearing other people's shoes...

    I wouldn't say my life is interesting, but I do get a fair share of strange stuff singling me out just for the fun of it. And thanks for the compliment :)

  9. You'd be surprised at some of the things these desperadoes would steal!

    And yeah, may they have eternally smelly feet! LOL!

  10. People are weird sometimes... LOL! If there's an extra smelly pair of feet in the gym locker room, then I shall know who did it :)

  11. You know there could have been a whole chain of events that led to your missing shoes. Like someone stole her shoes so in desperation she stole that girls shoes who in turn stole yours. I'm sorry but I have a very vivid imagination and my thoughts stretch into tall tales. Hey, now you need a new pair;Sounds like cause for a shopping trip. Bonus!

  12. LOL! Yeah, the unfortunate series of events that led to a missing pair of sneakers.

    True... must go shopping for a new pair soon. :)

    And thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. cant believe anyone will actually take away someone else's shoes on purpose... give the culprit the benefit of the doubt.

    oh wait... maybe there's a lesbo and she has a fetish on u... after all... it's a gym...

  14. I did... I waited for a week, but the gym told me that no one had returned any pairs of shoes. The sad part is I truly liked that pair.

    As for the lesbo... well, you can never tell :p


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