Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Having a break in momentum on Monday was a bad idea to begin with, but laziness prevailed (due to a missing pair of shoes and protesting hamstrings)

It's already Wednesday, and I still feel so incredibly lazy. It's like everything is in a standstill, or perhaps moving in slow motion like a particular scene from the movie "The Graduate"

The air is heavy, hanging and I'm dreadfully sleepy, and all I want to do is to listen to one particular song loudly and sing along to it at the top of my lungs. which I can't because I don't know all the words.

Bein' this lazy,
Is drivin' me crazy
There's nothin' fancy
Who said it's a democracy?

My mind's gone fuzzy
The world looks hazy
Fields are all grassy,
Musical instruments, brassy.

Tis a simple word, lazy
But it kinda leaves you daze-y!


  1. That's the magic about Dubai; Friday is the weekend and then Saturday and Sunday you don't feel the blues since your mind is conditioned to believe only in Monday morning blues. When it's Monday, its already half the week. Wednesday is btw the most cheerful coz. Thursday is a half day - Man the week just disappears here :)

  2. There's something wrong with me, maybe it's just the stress I've been under but, I've felt like this the whole day for the last two weeks. I need a break or a doctor or maybe a bit of both :D

  3. Lol. Your poem with the rhyme and all curiously reminds me of those poems called 'action songs' that I learnt in kindergarten. But this one is about inaction and laziness. Lol.

  4. quote from me this morning "I used to explore the area when I went jogging, but I stopped, because I'm lazy"

  5. I'm having a serious lack of motivation today, so I hear you.

  6. Rakesh: Oh yeah.. because of Friday prayers. I love Fridays here because our lunch break is an hour and a half instead of the normal one hour. Weeks have been disappearing here as well :)

    Kartik: Oh dear! It must be the stress. But seriously, this laziness/no mood to do stuff seems to be bigger than we think it is. I suppose we all can do with a break :D

    Julia: LOL! Now I've got "Ring a roses" ringing in my head :)

    Aunty: That's just excellent. Made me laugh. :)

    Citizen: Well, I suppose it'll pass. Someday... :)


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