Thursday, February 05, 2009


If you thought that watching Nigella (Lawson) on tv cooking up a delectable storm with your favourite ingredient would be a nice way to wind down after a strangely boring day at work, you're most probably right, unless you're listening to the news at the same time.

I was sick to the stomach last night upon hearing the news of several traitors brazenly jumping ship from one party to another after vehemently denying those allegations just the day before. Ok, fine... perhaps they have some issues with their respective party propagandas, but they should have been open about it. And tell the people they're sorry or something because they got up there in the first place because of the people, or better yet, just resign from their respective posts like gentlemen/proper ladies.

What's worse is the way the newscasters presented the news. It was as though this latest jumping ship is the greatest thing in the world, something everyone should be proud of, which is so disgustingly disgusting. I've always thought politics was filthy and politicians were merely puppets that danced according to the tune that was hot at the moment. If it's R&B, then R&B it should be... but the blatant disregard towards integrity is (for the lack of a better word) just plain disgusting.

Ugh! What the hell is wrong with everything and everyone? And why on earth do I (who usually tries my best to not give a damn) bother about this so much? I've never been so upset about an issue like this before that it bothers me. All these idiotic things make me want to become a hermit crab under a protective shell!


  1. You and I are obviously having a hard time with each others local politics. Ugh is us!

  2. Curse: May they get reborn as fly slurping frogs. Because the only thing separating them and the amphibians is... clothing!

  3. Orhan: Sure looks like it... LOL. Ugh at political awareness?

    Taxy: I take it you don't like frogs much, eh?

  4. Seriously, sometimes you wonder looking at politicians - how thick could their skin possibly be? The most rotten form of mankind I guess... And they get to be leaders

  5. My expectations of politicians have become so low that I'm only startled when one of them exhibits integrity or a moral compass or genuine leadership. And I'm very aware of the difficulties they face in their work; it still doesn't excuse how many of them behave as a matter of course. Power corrupts, unfortunately. Or sets our natural corruption free, maybe. :(

  6. its one of the primary axioms of oligarchal collectivism. in order to preserver and perpetuate power over the people (the only true power mind you), the state must arrange a spectacle or an enemy, whether internal or external, to distract the masses.

    Have no illusions, it is a delicately arranged soap opera. Someone is picking your pocket.

    The second part of that is, everyone is so busy trying to keep their jobs, no one is actually doing their job.

  7. I've totally given up on the politics over here. What is the point of voting someone into power only to have those swines bail out on you later!

    What goes around comes around I say and these frogs, traitors, morons or whatever you wanna call them will get their dues sure enough.

  8. Rakesh: Ironic, isn't it?

    Hoozle: I get what you mean, any display of good leadership qualities, and you're like "are they for real" I didn't have any expectations on any of these people either, but this whole issue bugs me so :(

  9. cyberfish: Ah, yes... a soap opera with very bad actors. It makes you feel so cheated when they do this...

    nick: I just picked up interest in the local political scene after reading M'sia Today and then during the previous GE... I told people to get registered and to vote, and now this happens. If something major doesn't happen soon, I'm afraid we're all doomed

  10. Is that new in your country?
    Here 'horse-trading' happens all the time. Even when they stay in the same party, they sometimes resort to things like cross-voting when an important issue is tabled.

    And since we have a multi-party system, a politico has a lot of ships to choose from everytime he/she decides to ditch his party. They may even break-away and form their own party.

    Politicos are politicos wherever you go.

  11. It isn't new, Julia... it's just the way the whole thing is played in the news, in the papers, and stuff. To fully understand why this is bugging me so, a full understanding of the history of M'sian politics is needed, and that's something I can't do at the moment...


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