Monday, February 23, 2009


In the initial days of blogging which seems so far away, I used to avoid putting up pictures on the blog like a plague. I'd say this was contributed to the fact that I had indeed started on this addictive hobby when I was still struggling with a 56kbps modem, and pictures would have taken a lifetime to load. After all, anyone who has known me long enough will well be aware of all the connection problems I have faced throughout, the most recent just a few months ago.

These days I do put up pictures, for visual purposes at times, but the latest of the lot was a mystery! Till the very end, and on three different browsers, the picture never enlarged despite the fact that I had stated on the post right below the picture : "Click to enlarge" My mistake was I only checked it once after posting the post on Friday night and blamed it on my browser. Very convenient, aight?

Anyway, a little over a day later I spent a good half an hour putting the picture up, just to take it down again, publishing and republishing to see what the problem was. Other pictures seem to be able to enlarge in just one click, and why didn't this? Did I accidentally put a curse on it by saying the words "Click to enlarge"? Who knows... Even changing the format from .jpg to .gif didn't help.

Finally, I tried again one final time. I put up the original picture and instead of moving the picture to the middle like what I did in the gazillion attempts at republishing, I left it at the top. So what if it doesn't look nice anymore? Editing can be tiresome after a gazillion attempts, and voila!

The picture can now be enlarged. So to Citizen of the World and Orhan (if you really want to read the Post It that has now lost all relevance) it can be clicked - with results :)

So, we have sort of solved the problem, but the mystery remains. Has anyone else faced this before?


  1. Thank you for fixing it and no I have never had this problem; as you know I post a lot of pictures.

    Glad you're a woman with determination.

  2. Yeah, I just had to fix it... can never say no to a good mystery/problem.

    Thank you for the feedback, Orhan... now based on that I think my settings may be behind this and not Blogger :)

  3. It works! Good for you for figuring it out.

  4. But where is the post with the picture???

  5. so now I'm wondering if it says "talk to nice guy" or "talk to mice guy"... either way I think there's a story there... please elaborate.

  6. Citizen: Yeah, it does... thank you :)

    Rakesh: It's here...
    I put it up on Friday and thought it might be too much to link it.

    Aunty: "Talk to mice guy" would have been fun, alas, it is "talk to mica guy", which, I'm afraid is a reminder to interview the guy who handled mica because he deviated from the original process. :D

  7. Oh your previous post. Even I couldn't enlarge it but I thought it was my browser's problem... Glad you clarified, (I was about to sue Microsoft) :)

  8. I always have problems not just with loading pictures but even with just my posts...but that's probably because i am very technologically challenged!!! :p

  9. Rakesh: LOL! I wanted to insult blogspot ;)

    Sabrina: I understand your pain... I'm technologically unlucky! :)

  10. I had some trouble with pictures last week too.


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