Sunday, February 15, 2009


The sun was blazing in the middle of the afternoon of a cloudless day, the dust refusing to settle as it swirled with the wind. I squinted to watch the traffic light turn from red to green at the junction rather impatiently as Bon Jovi belted out Blaze of Glory.

All cars from all the junctions were at a standstill. I didn't know which direction was showing green, but no one seemed to be moving, although you could feel that everyone wanted to move. The whole scene sort of reminded me of old Hollywood cowboy movies where the cowboys would swagger to opposite ends in the heat, with the dust moving along with their footsteps and to end with performing the act of gunslinging. And perhaps shooting :)

My reverie was broken by the light turning green as soon as the song was over!


  1. That's kind of funny - sounds like your sense of time got distorted as you were lost in the song.

  2. It always seems like the green light stays on much longer for the cars going in other directions than me.

  3. citizen: I suppose it did. Must have been the heat :D

    travis: It does seem the same way for me as well!

  4. oh it has happened with me as well ... at times, one gets lost into it all ...

  5. And this is precisely why I probably shouldn't listen to music while driving; I'll go at the time when it seems right in the song rather than when the light says it's time to go.

  6. tazeen: yeah... tis a nice feeling though :)

    woozie: that makes sense... I didn't listen to music when I first started driving as I have the tendency to tap my feet :)


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